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2018 Quick Marketing Guide To Customer Onboarding Success

Most business companies have only one chance to make a first good impression on customers. However, when it comes to onboarding experience, leaders make sure they do everything to get it right. This is because it can decide either their success or failure for company’s growth.

It is no surprise that onboarding sets the tone for a business relationship with buyers and users. Moreover, it ensures influential product adoption.

The process also serves as a step in a successful customer journey is build. Hence, companies must create an outstanding customer onboarding process.

The Importance Of Customer Onboarding

Onboarding and adoption are less likely to have a successful purchase with free trials and models. The truth is, the foundation of customer success journey happens during the decision part of the sales channel.

In other words, it means the team needs to win the minds and hearts of individual before they even become a customer.

The Difference between User Onboarding And Customers Onboarding

When it comes to distinguishing the two words, it is a difficult thing to do as there is little difference between them. Both user onboarding and customer’s onboarding lead to the same goal which is obtaining new buyers continuously.

However, when it comes to customer onboarding, it takes higher-level perspective. It also helps directors and leaders to attain excellent business goals.

User onboarding, on the other hand, is focused more on taking actual users through the product. This process involves directing customers how the product works and presenting them the value they find on a daily basis.

SaaS And Customer Onboarding Unique

The need for better and effective customer onboarding is even stronger for SaaS businesses. The reason is that the chances of denying the services are high.

For the most company, users have the ability to withdraw from them at any time. Moreover, they also can sign up for other company’s services or products in just a few clicks.

Therefore, this is the first and foremost reason why onboarding for SaaS companies need it. They should also need to have a strategy that possesses a drive adoption, minimize time value, and coordinate a quick buys

Onboarding Process And Role

When it comes to finding the main role in customer onboarding, SaaS Company needs more than just one department or teams. In fact, they should have well-balanced effort and organize for at least the three following stakeholders, which are customer support, customer success, and product.

Customer Support

This role represents the first defensive line of onboarding experience. Customer supports designed to help solve any weak part or link to the customers and their product problems in the fastest way.

Company’s involvement in the onboarding process has a giving feedback policy to their products. They should also have a team in preparation for anticipating problems and issues.

 Customer Success

In this part, CSMs or customer success managers are the spotlight. For example, the initial part of onboarding method could manage the specialist unit as a separate team. The job of this team is to report the sales of day to day as a CSM.

Moreover, their role also includes supporting customers how to configure and install the product, anticipate questions, technology engagement, and limiting the time value for customers.


As for this part, it is obvious that application and the capabilities are the products are in the product team’s hand.  Hence, the team must participate in the onboarding process. They should also gather feedback and change the product functionality to make it more perceptive and friendly.

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