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Advantages Of Digital Adoption: How Successful Adoption Benefits Your Enterprise

Do you remember when, to make a phone call, you literally had to be tied to your desk?

Or when forwarding a request meant a trip to the post office? Now, everything you need to do your job is available at the touch of a button.

Chances are, you wouldn’t want to go back to the “good ol’ days” of business, because technology has transformed your professional life for the better. That’s what successful digital adoption feels like.

One of the greatest advantages of digital adoption is human performance improvement. It allows you to do what you need to do easier/faster/better.

Nowhere is this more important than in the workplace. Recent studies claim that enterprises can increase revenues by 23% with digital strategies.

But to be competitive you have to be able to adapt fast.

Most of the time, this burden is placed on the shoulders of your employees. That’s where adaptability and quick learning become vital for your company to be able to utilize technology to its fullest potential.

Digital adoption must be rapid and it must be complete.

Advantages of digital adoption for every aspect of your business

1. Digital adoption capability makes employees more valuable

The modern job market dictates that you’re no longer just looking for a salesman, you’re looking for an expert in Salesforce; you’re not just hiring an HR manager, you need someone who understands Workday.

You need skilled operators of the digital tools your organization uses.

Digital tools are designed to facilitate maximum human productivity. But if employees aren’t familiar with them, that technology quickly becomes a burden rather than an enabler.

That’s why digital adoption tools are gaining traction as a cost-effective and efficient way to onboard employees to unfamiliar digital systems. Successful digital adoption instantly makes employees more useful and therefore more valuable to the company.

Good adoption tools will accelerate the learning process by providing guidance while employees are using the system. So no time (or money) is lost to training. More on that here.   

2. Good digital adoption allows employees to be more creative

A study analyzing the work conditions of 127 workers in sales and marketing found that creativity is crucial for job satisfaction.

Because rapid and successful adoption enables employees to achieve more with their time, it also allows them to be free to be more creative.

Moreover, Adobe’s research shows that what employees really want at work is state-of-the-art technology. Why? Because they know that a digitally-forward focus is likely to mean that workplace has seamless operations, making employees’ lives far easier.

3. Successful digital adoption leads to customer retention

One of the more visible advantages of digital adoption is that it benefits your customers.

The majority of today’s customer experiences take place online, whether it’s through an app, website, or other platform. A difficult user experience of your customer-facing digital tools can equate to churn.

As enterprises introduce new app features, or improve their website, or launch a new digital product, it’s imperative that customers adopt these changes rapidly in order for the benefits to be felt.

The sooner your clients or customers feel comfortable with the technology you provide, the better their user experience (UX) will be. This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Studies show that 80% of cases of customer loyalty arise from strong client satisfaction. Suddenly digital adoption becomes an urgent business priority.

Every customer’s needs and preferences are slightly different. So an adjustable digital system that provides them with a more personalized experience could be make or break.  

4. Adoption of technology is key to remaining competitive

Ultimately, the advantages of digital adoption are that it will help you remain a competitive company.

According to the statistics, enterprises in most industries have already implemented digital technologies. And there is evidence of growing profit (from 9% to 26%) in these companies compared to those who are more conservative with tech upgrades.

A piece of cake, with the right recipe

The advantages of digital adoption are numerous and the benefits profound. However, it’s not always an easy implementation journey.

Some technologies are easy to understand. But some digital tools require a much deeper understanding and certain skills to master them and use to real advantage.

As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, the adoption process becomes more challenging. So it’s important that enterprises start prioritizing adoption as part of their ongoing digital transformation.

One way to ensure good digital adoption is to use a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). They are designed specifically to improve the user experience and aid adoption, whether your users are customers or employees.

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