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Customer Onboarding With DAP: 3 Ways The Digital Adoption Platform Improves The Experience

Customer onboarding

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had customers that knew what they wanted?

But even when we do, there’s a disconnect between the digital capability they want and them actually receiving the benefits of it.

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This is the digital adoption disconnect. Without good adoption, however smart the digital product it won’t be popular with customers.

This is the reason why customer onboarding with DAP is becoming so popular for digital enterprises.

The DAP ensures customers have an immaculate user experience from the moment they begin using your digital product. It also reduces the onboarding duration and associated costs at the same time.  

The major problem affecting digital product providers

Traditional supply and demand dictates that there’s a need to be fulfilled, or a gap in the market, which is met by a digital product or service. You — the provider of that product or service — use the most up-to-date technology at your disposal to create something perfect for customers.

Your digital product or service is released and offered to customers, who are sold on the prospect of all the wonderful benefits they’ll experience using it.

But then reality hits home with the long and painful process of onboarding customers to powerful technology that will initially prove as complex as it promises to be useful.

Enterprises should know that until their customers are successfully onboarded to their digital tools, they won’t experience the benefits. And they therefore won’t be happy.

For digital providers, the race is on to onboard customers as quickly as possible:

  1. So customers will love using their offering
  2. So enterprises can spend less in onboarding costs

This is why digital enterprises like HP, Microsoft Bing,, and eMoney Advisor are choosing to do customer onboarding with DAP.  

3 ways DAP makes customer onboarding better

1. DAP makes customer onboarding easier

Customer onboarding with DAP is easier because the DAP creates a smooth and uncluttered onboarding experience, actually within the digital system itself.

There’s no need for customers to navigate in and out of their new system while they’re learning the ropes. A DAP provides all the information they’re likely to need as soon as they log on, which means they can get going with what they need to do right away.

New customers are immediately exposed to all the necessary features and capabilities, so they can easily understand and start to enjoy the benefits of using your digital system.

2. A DAP makes customer onboarding faster

Instead of spending hours trawling through system manuals, watching training videos, or sitting through in-person demos, the DAP uses sophisticated technology to provide customers with all the relevant guidance.

The onboarding process is made faster for them and also for you. This is essential for reducing churn rates, as quick and efficient onboarding is a vital aspect of long-term customer satisfaction.

The DAP accelerates time to competency by eliminating the learning and forgetting curves. The provision of real-time, in-app, personalized information is central to rapid customer learning.

3. A DAP makes customer onboarding more effective

Customer onboarding with DAP not only makes the process quicker and easier, it also optimizes the whole process. It breaks down the barriers between your digital system and your customers, so both can jointly reach their highest potential.

The outcomes of this are:

  • Better retention rates, with potential for upselling and cross-selling
  • Maximized exposure to full product value
  • Effective promotion of new services to existing customers
  • Improved CX & increased customer loyalty

Businesses doing customer onboarding with DAP

Microsoft Bing uses a DAP to onboard customers to their Ads platform. They were looking for a way to solve their common customer pain points, increase feature adoption, and speed up the onboarding process.

Microsoft Bing reportedly applied the DAP guidance to strategic platform locations in order to guide users through complex processes. The DAP insights allowed Microsoft Bing to pinpoint customer pain points and tailor the guidance accordingly.

eMoney Advisor, a wealth management platform serving 2 million end-clients, needed a comprehensive learning experience for their end users. eMoney Advisor implemented the DAP into their Help section, allowing users to train and onboard swiftly and at scale.

eMoney found that users who interacted with the DAP were significantly more engaged and could enjoy the full benefits of eMoney’s services.

Final words

The bottom line? For enterprises offering digital products, an efficient and simple customer onboarding is as important as the technology itself.

Try customer onboarding with DAP to make the process easier, faster, and more effective. See what a difference it makes.

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