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Why Become a DAP Builder?

Dap builder

What is a DAP builder and is this a good career choice?

Along with many other job positions related to emerging technology, DAP builders, managers, and leaders will become very common in the years ahead.

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As a specialty, though, digital adoption is relatively new and may be unfamiliar to many business professionals.

Below, we’ll learn what a DAP builder does, why DAP builders are so crucial in the modern workplace, and what the future holds for this job position.

What Is a DAP Builder?

To understand what DAP builders do, it’s important to clarify a few fundamental concepts, such as:

  • Digital adoption. Digital adoption refers to the implementation of digital technology for its intended purpose and the use of that technology to its fullest extent. Unlike software implementation, digital adoption focuses on maximizing user proficiency, productivity, engagement, and performance. This emphasis helps organizations increase software ROI, improve user performance, and more.
  • The digital workplace. The modern workplace is built upon digital technology, and that technology influences every aspect of today’s work environment, from workflows to organizational culture. Since the digital revolution is still underway, organizations must continually adopt new tools and technology in order to stay competitive and profitable.
  • Digital adoption platforms. Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) are, as the name suggests, platforms specifically designed to streamline the adoption process. They improve and simplify user onboarding and training through features such as in-app walkthroughs, product tours, and personalized guidance.

Digital adoption, like any other business function, requires the right strategy, tools, and teams in order to be successful.

A good digital adoption team would include positions such as:

  • DAP builders. DAP builders assist with IT implementation, software development, the production of training content, and other technical aspects of DAP implementation.
  • Digital adoption managers. Digital adoption managers lead digital adoption teams, coordinate digital adoption projects, and manage digital adoption projects.
  • Digital adoption leaders. Digital adoption leaders design, create, and govern digital adoption programs at scale.

With the right team in place, an organization will be able to significantly simplify and enhance the adoption of new digital tools, processes, and workflows.

The Value of an Education in Digital Adoption

An education in digital adoption can provide business professionals with the skills they need to succeed as a DAP builder, manager, or leader.

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Institute, for instance, provides training for all of the positions mentioned above.

Their training focuses on areas such as:

  • Maximizing operations and economics through effective leadership
  • Boosting the financial outcomes of digital adoption efforts
  • Building state-of-the-art internal communications solutions
  • Accelerating skills development with modern training approaches

All of these skills can help any business professional who is interested in the field of digital adoption. And certain training providers, such as WalkMe’s institute, offer certifications that can add value to one’s resume.

The Future of Digital Adoption and DAP Builders

Today, organizations must account for and close the digital skills gap – that is, employees’ lack of proficiency with digital tools. That skills gap can result in problems such as poor employee productivity and poor innovation, among other things.

Many organizations have begun to realize that, in order to mitigate these issues, it is necessary to take a proactive approach to digital adoption and training.

In the coming years, this will become even more true – the digital revolution, after all, has yet to end and, in fact, many believe that the greatest innovations lie ahead of us.

These innovations promise to revolutionize the business world and the workplace, but only if employers and employees take a proactive approach to digital adoption and transformation.

In short, trends such as these will compel companies to implement digital adoption strategies and platforms. And the growth of the digital adoption industry, in turn, will drive a need for digital adoption jobs, such as DAP builders.

Who Should Pursue Training as a DAP Builder?

Above, we saw that DAP builders focus on areas such as the technical side of DAP implementation, training software implementation, and software development.

Those who prefer to design, develop, and deploy user-centered solutions would therefore be well-suited to this position.

Common backgrounds include:

  • IT
  • HR
  • Learning and development
  • Internal communications

Ultimately, anyone interested in the technical side of digital adoption can benefit from DAP builder training, including managers, executives, or professionals who want to specialize in digital adoption.

The WalkMe Digital Adoption Institute, mentioned above, offers several types of courses geared towards different types of professionals.

For instance, those who want to focus on learning, rather than certification, can sign up for a self-paced course that provides access to course materials and exercises. Those who want more in-depth training, however, can opt for one of their DAP builder certification courses.

Finally, as mentioned above, professionals who want to specialize in other areas of digital adoption can look into digital adoption management or leadership courses.

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