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Futuristic User Engagement Is Here For Enterprises Using A Digital Adoption Platform & Analytics

Digital Adoption Platform & Analytics

Analytics actually aren’t very useful if your problem is churn.

You might think that they are, but you’d be wrong.

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Why? Because once your users have churned, it’s too late to do anything about it.

In this article, we’re going to compare traditional analytics with adoption insights — and show you how the Digital Adoption Platform & analytics can transform your user engagement levels.

Traditional analytics

Traditional analytics, like Google Analytics for example, measure user information like:

  • Audience location
  • Viewer time spent on a page
  • Number of pages accessed
  • Traffic sources
  • Bounce rates

But generally speaking, this is top level information about your users as a group. You can’t drill down into each individual user’s needs and behavioral patterns.

For this, you need a Digital Adoption Platform & analytics.

Digital Adoption Platform & analytics to drive digital transformation

“The most crucial objective of any major IT transition is outstanding adoption.”

Santarosa Consulting

An easy way to make sure your users — whether they be employees or customers — are fully adopting your digital tools is to use a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Digital adoption, as a term, is the state users achieve when they’re utilising digital tools easily and to their fullest capacity.

WalkMe, the leading DAP provider, created the term “digital adoption” and has taken digital adoption analytics to a whole new level within the platform.

With their Digital Adoption Platform & analytics, enterprises can understand how to drive transformational change.

Let’s look at a couple of examples. Let’s say your organization needs to update and adapt to bring itself into the digital era. You’ll need new digital tools to help achieve this goal. A state-of-the-art CRM, ERP, HCM, and other platforms, for instance.

These are sophisticated platforms that require a significant investment. What use is it spending all that money on a piece of technology if your users are going to struggle to use it? Employee productivity, morale, and performance will drop. And you won’t achieve ROI.

You need to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of new technology. Part of that is understanding exactly where users struggle, what features are underutilized, and where inefficiencies exist.

The Digital Adoption Platform & analytics allows you to:

  • Track each individual user’s behavior
  • Monitor adoption of key processes and features over time
  • Discover behaviors that lead to user error and wasted time
  • Find out why users drop off during important processes
  • Watch real user session videos

Digital Adoption Platform & analytics to improve customer and user experience

Let’s look at another example. Say your organization develops and sells software or some sort of smart digital device. You want to ensure that your customers are adopting your product well.

The faster they get to grips with your product, the less training you have to provide, the quicker they’re able to achieve their goals, and the happier they’ll be.    

With the DAP, users are onboarded instantly. As soon as your product is opened for use, the DAP begins guiding users and tracking their behavior.

You need never worry that your customers are going to switch to a competitor’s product, because instead of learning about the churn after it’s happened, the Digital Adoption Platform & analytics learns and predicts user behavior.

If a user looks like they’re going to churn, the DAP responds appropriately, proactively engaging them, helping them, and keeping them within the platform.

The WalkMe video below talks about some of the valuable analytics for enterprises:

Final words

Enterprises that use a Digital Adoption Platform & analytics benefit enormously, whether their users are customers surfing their website, customers using their digital products, or employees.

The DAP uses the most advanced AI to offer business insights that improve productivity and predict the future behavior of users during live sessions. It can:

  • Detect inefficiencies by analyzing thousands of user behavior touchpoints
  • Identify business processes through user journey analysis
  • Predict in real-time which users are likely to churn or need extra help
  • Engage with the right users at the right moment to maximize outcomes
  • Understand user interfaces to easily build on any application
  • Interpret natural language to enhance front-end automation

When you use a DAP, it doesn’t matter what your goals are; you’ll get digital adoption insights that can be applied immediately to aid digital transformation, employee performance, customer experience, and user experience.

The DAP is an essential tool for measuring user adoption, whether your enterprise sells digital or simply uses it.

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