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4 Clear Signs You Need A Digital Adoption Platform For Workday®

Digital Adoption Platform For Workday®

Cave man A uses tool. Cave man B uses tool more effectively, more innovatively, and quicker. Cave man B becomes tribe leader.

This is a really basic explanation of how the effective use of tools has long been the root of our success as a species.

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It’s the same in business. If you want your enterprise to be at the top of the food chain, rapid and capable use of digital tools, like cloud based HCM system Workday®, is essential.

The really clever businesses use a tool to facilitate the successful adoption of other tools. In other words, you should start using a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday®.   

Why it’s smart to prioritize digital adoption

The 2016 Future of Work Report by Adobe shows that employees want state-of-the-art technology more than stuff like office amenities. But when scant attention is given to adoption, employees can become demoralized and frustrated by digital tools.

This inevitably leads to disengagement and churn. Only 32% of US employees are engaged at work according to Gallup. The few that are actively engaged are “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work.”

“Gallup’s extensive research shows that employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement.

Engaged employees support the innovation, growth and revenue that their companies need.”


By contrast, disengaged employees do the bare minimum required. They are less vigilant, more likely to make mistakes and leave the company for a new job.

So good adoption of tools like Workday® has a direct impact on business revenue by boosting employee engagement.

4 signs you need a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday®

So adoption is a major priority for enterprises right now. Here are four clear signs you need a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday® to make your employees engaged and productive as quickly as possible.   

1. You’re not getting ROI

You know all those goals you set that Workday® was designed to help you meet? If you’re not getting ROI, it’s a sure sign you need a DAP.

If you’ve just implemented Workday® within your enterprise and it’s not getting the results you expect, poor adoption is likely to be the issue.

“With 75% of organizations failing to achieve expected business outcomes because of poor user adoption and decreased productivity, there is a clear need for smooth software transitions.”

The DAP improves employee productivity, which has a direct impact on business performance. They can achieve their goals and you can get ROI.   

2. Onboarding takes forever or is ineffective

If you wish you could accelerate your onboarding process to tools like Workday®, a DAP is a must.

The Digital Adoption Platform accelerates time-to-competency at arguably the most critical point in the employee’s life cycle with the enterprise — when they’re a new hire.

Even novice Workday® users can become confident and productive in no time at all through the DAP’s contextual engagement and step-by-step guidance. It can also alert users to new features and navigational changes.

“Implementing WalkMe onto our Workday® platform has allowed us to provide a better experience for employees trying to find information or complete tasks.”

Hannah Puig-Holzman, HR Technology Operations Specialist, Adobe

3. You have a high employee turnover

New Hire Momentum: Driving the Onboarding Experience shows that “[poor] onboarding…stalls new hire momentum and threatens to disengage enthusiastic employees during their crucial first weeks on the job.”

Fantastic talent that has never used Workday® before could disengage from the business before they’ve had a chance to learn how to use the platform properly. A DAP avoids this.

Implementing a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday® could actually mean better employee retention.  

4. Your Support team is over-burdened

Workday® is an incredibly useful piece of enterprise software, which covers everything from business planning and financial management to HR and human capital management.

With all this capability comes complexity. If your employees are struggling to use it properly, your Support team is going to be receiving a lot of help requests. Getting a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday® can reduce the volume of requests by improving the user experience (UX).  

Workday® is a sophisticated cloud based HCM platform but it’s only as beneficial as its users’ capability with it. If employees are frustrated, it’s because they’re experiencing barriers when using the platform.  

Those barriers can be overcome by the DAP, which simplifies the user experience by guiding users to task completion with on-screen instructions.

Implementing a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday® is the smart choice

Organizations face complex barriers when onboarding employees to new digital tools like Workday®. Employee resistance to change equates to low engagement, poor productivity and performance. Traditional training, on the other hand, is costly and time consuming.

Enterprises must adopt a software adoption plan, or risk being left behind by the competition.

Using a Digital Adoption Platform for Workday® will ensure full and long-term adoption of new systems. This will result in your enterprise being able to obtain the expected benefits now and over time.

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