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Why Every Enterprise Needs To Create & Advertise A Digital Adoption Position NOW

81% of employees want state-of-the-art technology at work.

Not only do they rate top quality technology as highly important, they must also know how to use it effectively. Otherwise, the technology itself is rendered useless.

Somebody within your company has to be responsible for ensuring successful adoption of digital tools. Just as someone must be responsible for choosing that technology.

This is why your enterprise — and every other in the modern business world — must have a dedicated digital adoption position.

It starts with the employees

Richard Branson famously said that companies mistakenly focus on clients as their priority. Instead, they should focus on their employees. If employees are well taken care of, they’ll look after clients properly.

It starts with the employees and their preferences.

And according to Adobe’s 2016 Future of Work Report (statistic above), the employees have spoken; they want to use modern technology to do their jobs better.

This is why everyone’s talking about digital adoption, worldwide. Companies must pay attention to the voice of their employees and create a digital adoption position — before it’s too late.

Does this statement sound extreme? According to Forbes, 84% of companies are failing to adapt to the digital world.

Cisco Executive Chairman, John Chambers predicts that in the next 10 years, 40% of all companies will fail. “Either we disrupt, or we get disrupted,” he warns.

Digital is this century’s major disruptor. Enterprises need to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. They need to prioritize the successful adoption of technology not only by their employees but also by their customers, as more and more business interactions take place online.

A major step in the right direction is the creation of a digital adoption job role.

The perfect digital adoption position

The ideal digital adoption position is an essential managerial role with budget responsibility. They need to have decision-making power in order to allocate suitable resources to their strategic adoption plan.

This person is responsible for researching and selecting effective approaches and technologies to facilitate adoption, for example a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Enterprises that create a digital adoption job role now are showing themselves to be forward thinkers. These companies are taking adoption seriously. Their digital transformation will go more smoothly as a result.

A relatively new position, it’s one that large organizations can’t afford to ignore any longer. And it’s applicable to every industry.

In the healthcare industry, digital technology is rapidly changing how medical professionals operate and how patients manage their health. The digital adoption position within large scale healthcare organizations is therefore especially critical.

In other sectors, the digital adoption position is crucial to reducing the frustration of employees struggling with new tools and systems.

Enterprise employees are exposed to increasing numbers of digital platforms on a daily basis. It can be quite overwhelming. The digital adoption manager is there to act as referee, to guide employees through these ever changing waters.

Employees become unproductive and disengaged without goals, competence, and integration in their daily digital routines. Companies will soon find that they need a digital adoption manager to keep the workforce productive and happy.  

Consequences of not prioritizing the formation of a digital adoption position

If your enterprise doesn’t hire a digital adoption manager in 2019, your technology ROI will suffer dramatically. Not only will it impact the results of technology investment, it will also affect your most valued asset — the employee.

The bottom line is this: if your company doesn’t have a digital adoption manager to integrate the cyber world with the practical world, it will start to suffer in three major ways.

  1. Return on your technology investment will never be good.
  2. You will lose employees at an increased rate, which translates into lost clients and loss revenues.
  3. The employees you don’t lose will become frustrated and unproductive. Nothing hurts a company culture more than having a workforce of unmotivated and disengaged employees.

Creating a digital adoption position can change all this.

Benefits of having a digital adoption manager

The opposite will transpire if you prioritize the creation of a dedicated digital adoption position. Your enterprise will have happy, healthy, productive employees.

There will always be someone on hand to identify and solve employee issues with enterprise software and other digital tools.

The company’s bottom line will improve as the workforce is motivated to give 110% to their work and clients. Because employees feel supported and valuable, they remain with the company.

Now you see how the digital adoption manager is so much more than just a technology position. It’s central to keeping the company running successfully.

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