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Digital Adoption Solutions Checklist: 7 Essential Features To Look For

Digital Adoption Solutions Checklist

If you’re sticking with the curve, you’ll know that Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) are the most important technology category of 2019.

But there are several DAS providers in the marketplace. How do you choose? 

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This Digital Adoption Solutions checklist includes 7 critical features you should look out for. These are the things that will take your digital adoption strategy to the next level and ensure you achieve your goals. 

Advanced Digital Adoption Solutions

But first, let’s briefly cover where these Digital Adoption Solutions have come from and how they’re used to great effect by enterprises.

It was only recently that Gartner recognized Digital Adoption Solutions as an important technology category. However, the solutions themselves have existed for a while now. 

WalkMe was the first DAS provider. Their Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) was launched in 2011. 

WalkMe pioneered the DAP technology, and digital adoption as a necessary component of digital transformation. In many ways, they are the reason the category of DAS exists today. 

Because of this, a complete Digital Adoption Solutions checklist should be based on WalkMe’s platform.

How to use Digital Adoption Solutions

WalkMe explains what Digital Adoption Solutions are:

“The Digital Adoption Solution is an emerging technological category that is focused on improving the adoption of multiple tools across an entire organization, helping organizations get the most out of their application portfolios with a digital adoption platform. 

Users are guided through business processes across multiple solutions, enabling a clear path toward task completion, reducing both time and costs of training.”

From this explanation, we can identify a few different applications for DAS.

1. Employee training 

As more and more digital tools enter the corporate world, employee training has become more important — and more challenging — than ever.

Every time a new feature or update is launched, training has to happen all over again. Traditional training methods can’t keep up with the pace, they’re expensive and ineffective.

DAS eliminate this conundrum by delivering in-app training. The Digital Adoption Platform acts as a guide to each employee, so every task is performed with assistance. And when a new feature or update rolls out, the DAS adapts and communicates the changes to users. 

2. Customer training 

Similarly, as more digital products and services are offered by businesses, the more important it becomes to provide effective customer training and/or onboarding.

Customer training is a necessary evil. A laborious and expensive process, the quicker customers can get up to speed using a business’ digital tools or systems, the better it is for:

  • Customer care and loyalty, because customers will see results quicker.
  • The provider’s bottom line, because training is such a huge cost center.

3. Digital transformation

Digital Adoption Solutions are an essential part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Only through rapid and effective digital adoption can enterprises hope to succeed at digital transformation and remain competitive in the digital world. 

Digital Adoption Solutions Checklist

1. Churn Management

First point on the Digital Adoption Solutions checklist is churn management. A good adoption platform should be able to recognize the first signs of impending churn and respond to them with appropriate engagement.

2. Audience Segmentation

One size most certainly does not fit all, and different people are going to use digital tools in different ways. So if your DAS doesn’t have audience segmentation, it’s pretty much redundant.

3. User Onboarding

Onboarding is the most critical time during a digital tool’s lifecycle. If users aren’t onboarded effectively in the beginning, they’re more likely to churn and never return. 

Core aspects of successful onboarding are understanding the benefits of a given tool, and how to use it to achieve that user’s goals. This is something your DAS should be able to do. 

4. Free Trial

Of course, you’re going to want to try before you buy! Most good DAS offer a free trial, so look out for this.

5. Mobile Deployment

The mobile revolution continues at pace. More and more enterprises are seeking mobile solutions for business processes, so your DAS needs mobile deployment in order to be useful in mobile contexts.

6. Analytics

One of the most important features in any Digital Adoption Solutions checklist is analytics. 

But you don’t just want data, you want insights. A great DAS should be able to interpret and learn from user behavior data to make the individual user experience even better.

7. Task Automation

Automation has come a long way and can now be used to great effect in day-to-day business processes. 

Your DAS should be able to automatically complete certain tasks for users. This dramatically speeds up business processes and makes users more productive. 

As a bare minimum, this Digital Adoption Solutions checklist should ensure your search for providers comes up trumps. Good luck with the search! 

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