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Why A DAP Is The Beating Heart Of Modern Digital Adoption Technology

Today, if large organizations aren’t using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), they’re going to get into real trouble.

This is the state of play for enterprises in 2019.

Maybe each department has multiple software applications. Perhaps there’s only one but it’s new and complex and unfamiliar to the vast majority of employees.

In these situations, employees get bogged down in confusion or frustration, which leads to poor productivity and disengagement.

Unfortunately, it is the status quo for traditional enterprises today. And only sophisticated digital adoption technology will allow them to overcome these common hurdles.  

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) increases time to competency

What is time to competency? If employees do not quickly get up to the level of competency required to do well in their particular jobs, their morale will suffer. “Time to competency” is how long it takes them to reach that level before frustration sets in.

You could also call it the “learning curve”.

Employees traditionally experience a long period of “time to competency” when learning to use new digital tools and enterprise software.

During this time, employees are not fulfilling their potential in terms of efficiency, productivity, or creativity. The longer “time to competency” takes, the more money the enterprise loses due to poor employee performance.

And the unhappier those employees become.

This is where the right digital adoption technology is critical.

A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) accelerates the learning experience for any employee on any platform. This saves the company considerable time and money in training alone, not to mention any revenue associated with poor productivity.

If employees achieve “true digital adoption”quickly, they’re able to become valuable assets to the company in a short space of time.

These employees save the company training dollars and they will begin to bring profits to the company at a faster rate.

True digital adoption is achieved when employees are competent, confident, and effective using digital tools to their maximum capability. This is the state that can rapidly be reached using the DAP.

It is recorded that when employees reach competent levels quickly, the company will realize a 218% higher employee earning potential and an overall profit margin increase of 24%.

Digital adoption technology that is personalized and interactive

Many enterprises are right now in the midst of sourcing suitable training and digital adoption technology.

Email training fails because it’s cumbersome and not interactive enough for employees. Other issues are that it doesn’t occur in real time; different time zones can cause huge problems for global organizations attempting to deliver training.

Here is the beauty of the DAP. It’s personalized according to user behavior and goals set within the system. It trains the employee in real time and it easily platform incorporates or system changes into its training.

Another plus is that time zones are no longer an issue. The training takes place online, in app, whenever the employee is using it.

The DAP is sophisticated, platform-agnostic digital adoption technology that also works from a customer’s perspective.

Customers get frustrated when their shopping and/or user experience (UX) is cumbersome, confusing, time consuming, and impersonal. The DAP can be applied to a customer-facing website, app, piece of software, or other digital system to ensure seamless adoption and a better overall customer experience.

Ultimately, customers will spend more money when their experience is simplified, streamlined, and highly personalized.

Identifying user adoption issues

Effective digital adoption technology can also identify issues that users are having adjusting to their digital tool.

HR departments in large companies are using digital people analytic tools to identify potential and current issues their employees may be having with digital platforms.

This allows companies to spot problems and implement solutions quickly, to keep digital processes running smoothly. These sorts of adoption insights are also available within the DAP.

When enterprises are able to identify user issues quickly, they can innovate new approaches that will improve their processes and streamline operations.

Final view

When it comes to digital adoption technology, there isn’t anything on the market better than a Digital Adoption Platform. It’s a powerful tool in the enterprise digital toolkit for enabling fulfillment of business objectives, people and culture goals, and even the company vision itself.

It also alerts companies to usage problems, enabling them to evolve to stay competitive. And the DAP interacts with employees and customers, assisting them in real time, to make users feel valued and more able to achieve their own ends.

But if all that isn’t enough to convince you, let’s cut to the brass tax. The DAP ensures ROI on your technology investment. That should be reason enough in itself.

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