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Top 5 legit multcloud alternatives 

The hype surrounding multi-cloud computing is reaching unprecedented levels, with over 90% of large enterprises already working on this digital adoption

Notably, MultCloud has been at the forefront of this next-generation cloud migration with a reputable management service. The service is the best in the scene judging straight from its simplicity and affordability.

However, other alternatives have unique strengths and features for individuals and companies who can’t level up to MultCloud use. Today, we focus on these MultCloud alternatives you can use as substitutes in your workflow automation tools arsenal.

But first, what does it take for a cloud-to-cloud management service to become a MultCloud substitute? 

Let’s find out.

What should the best multcloud alternative have?


Innovation in cloud computing is moving fast, and you tend to witness a barrage of updates each now and then. It could be evolving updates on the service menu or even the cloud computing infrastructure. Whatever the case, the cloud management platform should be capable of handling the evolving digital computing space and adapt likewise.


Customers have various choices for features in MultCloud, such as operating systems and other attributes. Likewise, any MultCloud alternative should have different characteristics that allow users to alter settings to suit their applications. Such customization makes any cloud management service successful in improving business agility.


True interoperability implies your cloud application goes beyond compatibility to handle use across different cloud services. Therefore, your MultCloud alternative should allow for complete interoperability across the many cloud platforms you are using.


Top-level cloud management services such as MultCloud reduce the bulk of the work by automating the manual processes. Such a feature reduces the operational burden and provides the necessary support for cloud infrastructure.

Cost effective

From the costs to the services in place, a cloud computing platform can have you incur more expenses for your digital transformation. Whatever the MultCloud alternative you pick, the cloud platform must be manageable in pricing with cost forecasting and reporting.

Can multicloud be trusted? 

MultCloud has a solid reputation for being a trustworthy cloud management platform for good reasons, including:

  • MultCloud privacy settings don’t allow the storage of user data.
  • An OAuth authorization system secures login through third-party applications.
  • Application of 256-bit AES encryption during data migration and transfer
  • Compliance with appropriate GDPR and privacy regulations
  • Account adding and deleting capabilities for users

The best alternatives to Multcloud


Cloudways provides cloud-based solutions ranging from managed cloud hosting to PHP app hosting. A strong point of the Cloudways service is the simplicity and affordability of its cloud hosting environment.

Key features

  • Enhanced support with live-chat and online ticketing
  • Server configuration and customization capabilities
  • Proactive application monitoring
  • Next-generation add-ons and web services
  • SSD-Based hosting
  • Dedicated security with firewalls and regular updates


  • Advanced features such as server and traffic monitoring
  • Exception cloud and application speeds
  • Reliable with a 99.9 percent uptime
  • One-click deployment
  • Professional online support running 24/7


  • No domain registration
  • Advanced features need extra payments
  • It does not work with cPanel or Plesk


  • Standard: starts from $10 to $80 per month
  • Premium: starts from $12 to $96 per month


OpenStack is your go-to open-source cloud computing platform which can also deploy as an infrastructure-as-a-service(Iaas) in different clouds. The platform also offers a modular cloud infrastructure to deploy the tools and applications you need.

Key features

  • Unlimited storage with reading/write access
  • Multi-dimensional scalability
  • Leverages commodity hardware
  • Built-in management utilities


  • Open-source making it inexpensive
  • Easy scalability
  • High-end automation with inbuilt management tools
  • Fast development thanks to third-party augmentation
  • Easy to start and setup


  • Challenges with installation
  • The upgrade process can be hectic
  • Too many OpenStack vendors




CloudFuze is your MultCloud alternative, especially when dealing with large-scale cloud migrations and transfers. The platform comes off as a multi-cloud-based file transfer tool to securely migrate enterprise data between the different cloud storage options.

Key features

  • Multi-cloud content migration and transfer tools
  • Multiple customer support options
  • In-person customer training
  • On-premise storage with a variety of options
  • AI and machine learning algorithms for seamless synchronization and backup


  • Super user friendly with easy to use features
  • Responsive and informative customer onboarding service
  • High-level of interoperability across multiple networks and platforms
  • Easy end-to-end cloud migration for users plus files
  • Next-level automation with AI and ML algorithms to run critical functionalities


  • Only ideal for small-scale cloud migration
  • No mobile or desktop applications
  • Expensive subscription plans


  • Free Trial: Available for 30 days

Personal subscription

  • Lite: $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year
  • Pro: $34.99 per month or $349.99 per year

Business subscription

  • Pricing available upon request


CloudBolt is a solid cloud orchestration platform allowing enterprises to build and manage hybrid cloud systems. This MultCloud alternative empowers enterprise IT to configure and manage public and private cloud resources.

Key features

  • Self-service catalog
  • Hybrid cloud management
  • Extensive plug-in architecture
  • Automation and orchestration services for applications
  • System integration for multi-cloud support
  • Cost management through cloud service customization and configuration


  • Supports different virtualization platforms
  • Provides adequate monitoring and reporting
  • Flexibility in operating system use


  • Questionable server stability


  • Free Trial Version
  • Paid subscription starting from $8500 per year


The free-to-use Apache CloudStack is an Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) cloud platform that offers cloud services with hybrid cloud solutions. Cloud Stack is also a turnkey solution offering users an entire stack of cloud computing features as part of its services.

Key features

  • Supports popular hypervisors such as VMware and Oracle VM server
  • User-friendly web interface for easy cloud management
  • Rich user interface management
  • Multi-role support
  • Comprehensive service management within the cloud
  • In-built system monitoring process
  • Supports virtual routers, and load balancers’ integration
  • Multiple storage support
  • User Data support


  • Cost-effective
  • Features a robust RESTful API
  • Hypervisor agnostic with support for different visual machines
  • Ability to accommodate multiple software integration for storage solutions
  • Supports up-to-minute alerts and notifications of system processes
  • Real-time usage metering with historical usage data and reports


  • More rigid with limitations on configurations
  • Complex upgrades


  • Free 

So, there you have it. We have laid down the best MultCloud alternative for you or your enterprise to try. Sure, you can try all of them out, but pick the most cloud management platform that matches your digital adoption goals. 

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