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What Is A Digital Adoption Solution & How To Spot A Good One

Gartner recently formally announced a category that every enterprise should be aware  of: digital adoption solutions.

Poor digital adoption has been hampering organizations’ digital transformation efforts for a while. It’s a critical deficiency in the digital era. 

And it’s about time.

In the words of leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provider, WalkMe, it “will severely cap your potential to improve internal operations as well as the customer experience.”

What enterprises desperately need today, to survive and thrive in the digital age, is a digital adoption solution. 

But what is a digital adoption solution? We’ll explore the latest definition for you in this article and teach you how to recognize a really good one.    

What is a digital adoption solution

What is a digital adoption solution? It’s a piece of software that resolves the factors preventing users from successfully adopting technology. These factors include inadequate training, complex user interfaces, lack of time, frequent updates, and many more.

Digital adoption solutions are AI-driven tools that guide users through tasks and workflows on any given app, website, or enterprise software, enabling even a total tech novice to work quickly and efficiently.

Gartner reports that digital adoption solutions:

  • Save time and money with better adoption and productivity
  • Use analytics to increase usage and improve user experience
  • Incorporate continuous development for tenured sellers

The importance of a good digital adoption solution cannot be overstated. They are the missing link to fulfilling the so-called “Digital Transformation Promise” in both employee and customer experience.

(source: WalkMe)

Features of a good digital adoption solution

Despite Gartner only recently recognizing the digital adoption solutions category, the tools themselves have been developing since WalkMe pioneered the first DAP nearly a decade ago.

While there are now many providers of digital adoption solutions, as listed by Gartner, enterprises should take great care in selecting a tool to meet their needs. 

Here are 3 features your digital adoption solution should include:

1. Intuitive guidance and engagement, powered by machine learning

First and foremost, when you ask yourself, “what is a digital adoption solution,” the answer should be a digital trainer. 

Your digital adoption solution should simplify any online process by providing step-by-step in-app guidance. 

Users will immediately be able to complete complex tasks without any traditional training whatsoever. They simply follow the series of interactive guidance balloons.

Your digital adoption solution should guide users through any process just like a GPS. It completely eliminates the need for additional training in response to system updates or new features being released.

Digital adoption solutions are the next evolution in training methods, which are known to deliver poor ROI due to the Ebbinghaus “forgetting curve”. 

Your digital adoption solution should use advanced AI and contextual awareness to engage with users at just the right time. 

Instead of a user needing to search for help, they are proactively engaged with relevant content based on their location, time, system, predicted behavior and even based on their interaction with software.

Another great feature is being able to notify users of important news and/or changes within the application; you can even have messages appear on their computer desktop.

2. Powerful insights — not just analytics

What is a digital adoption solution? Well, a great one is also a Data Analyst. 

Providing powerful adoption insights, not just usage data, your digital adoption solution should help you understand how to drive transformational change. 

You’ll be able to find out where users struggle, what features are underutilized, and where inefficiencies exist. Every individual user’s behavior can be tracked with the flick of a switch. This allows you to monitor adoption of key processes over time.

Powerful AI helps you to discover behaviors that lead to mistakes and wasted time. The leading digital adoption solutions even allow you to watch real user session videos.

3. Advanced automation and AI assistance

Last but not least, what is a digital adoption solution? It’s a robotic assistant. 

The best digital adoption solutions are a type of attended RPA. Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is when an automated process operates systems instead of humans. 

Attended RPA is essentially a robot that learns from the user’s actions and can suggest to the user next steps on the basis of those actions.

Your digital adoption solution should simplify the user experience and boost productivity by eliminating automating tedious and complex tasks, for both the front-end employee as well as the back-office. 

How it works: Your digital adoption solution’s insights should discover process inefficiencies; you simply click record and capture those processes from end-to-end and in minutes there is an automated process.

Imagine a world in which employees no longer have to grapple with tedious admin tasks, there’s no more flawed data entry, and everyone is able to use their digital tools immaculately — it’s all possible with the right digital adoption solution.

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