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Why Choose Digital Adoption Platform? 3 Compelling Answers

You read Forbes, probably Harvard Business Review too.

If you’re in L&D, you’ve likely been following the articles in Learning Solutions Magazine.

So you realize just how much digital adoption is being talked about now. You understand that it’s the key to your enterprise’s digital transformation, both in terms of what it can offer its customers and how employees do their jobs.

You’ve heard about tools that are meant to facilitate adoption and you’re intrigued. But you need confirmation — why choose Digital Adoption Platform?

We’re going to provide you with 3 compelling reasons, so you don’t need to ponder the question anymore. But first, let’s talk about digital adoption.

Why you’re being smart to focus on digital adoption

It’s easy to see the progression across industries of digital services being provided to customers.

In the healthcare industry, for example, it’s now possible to examine patients via video link. In banking and finance, customers are able to do more and more without needing to see a teller. Even governments are progressing fairly well with their digitalization.

But internally, where digital progression is less visible, it’s no less important. And it’s arguably more difficult to do.

Generally, customers demand digital services. They want to be able to do things online. But employees, even if they dream of working for a company in which technology is an enabler not a hindrance, are resistant to change.

Why? Because it requires them to do a different job. It challenges their sense of being skilled, comfortable, and capable at what they do.

Change is perceived as a threat. But the current status quo of legacy systems that aren’t fit for purpose or outdated analogue processes ruins employee morale and productivity.

Adobe’s 2016 Future of Work Report shows that employees actually want state-of-the-art tech more than stuff like office amenities. But when little attention is given to user adoption, employees become frustrated — not motivated — by technology.

And if customers have a poor user experience (UX) of your technology offerings, you’ve lost them. They’re just going to switch.

But why choose Digital Adoption Platform?

So adoption is a challenge and it must be taken seriously. Why choose Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)? The main benefit of a DAP is that it takes the guesswork out of adoption. Here are 3 ways in which it does this.

1. It takes the stress out of onboarding new hires

WalkMe calls the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) “a guidance layer that is added on top of any existing website, software, or online platform.”

New hires can be onboarded to complex enterprise software by the DAP, which guides them through their tasks. It accelerates time to competency so that new employees can become highly productive, quicker.

This will also have a beneficial impact on employee retention.

2. It’s more powerful than traditional training methods

Why choose Digital Adoption Platform? To improve training ROI.

With traditional training methods, you have to worry about a lengthy learning curve and a rapid “forgetting curve”. Employees forget 70% of new information within 24 hours and 90% within a week.

However, the DAP uses real-time, contextualized guidance, which eliminates the “forgetting curve”.

“Training tools with contextual learning capabilities have algorithms that analyze context-sensitive factors, such as the actions the user is taking, their position in the company, the goals of the department, and even the time of day to provide tailored support.”


3. It improves the user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)

The Digital Adoption Platform’s real power lies in what it does to the user experience (UX).

Enterprise software is sophisticated, technological innovation rapid. But digital tools are only as beneficial as users’ capability with them.

User adoption can be incredibly slow, after all we’re only human. And the user interface can only do so much.

The reason enterprise IT departments and support centers are overburdened is because there are teething problems when learning to use digital tools.

Not with a DAP though. The DAP improves the UX of your digital tools by providing that guidance layer, which means teething problems can be nipped in the bud in an instant.       

“The layer simplifies the user experience and guides users to task completion with on-screen Walk-Thrus. These dynamic step-by-step instructions streamline software implementation on any other online platform.”


It can also improve the CX for digital tools that are part of the customer’s path to purchase, like an app or website.

So, why choose Digital Adoption Platform? Well isn’t it obvious?

Stress-free onboarding. Easier, faster, more effective training. Better UX, CX, ROI… The question should be why not to choose a Digital Adoption Platform.

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