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Today, all companies must digitally transform or risk becoming obsolete. Digital transformation is the process of adopting technology to improve operational efficiency, boost customer experience, and uncap innovation.


Without a formal change management infrastructure, it will be impossible to guide an enterprise-wide transformation. Leadership, transparency, and employee engagement are essential to your change management strategy.

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Achieving digital adoption means using your technology for the desired intent and to it’s fullest capability. Without it, your software investment costs more than it’s worth.

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Customer Digital Adoption, from Top to Bottom

Customer digital adoption is a must for any SaaS company, app developer, or software company. Whether your customers are B2B clients or mobile consumers, it’s vital to understand the digital adoption funnel. This is especially true in the digital age.

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Digital Adoption Solutions 101

In this article, we’ll explore the basics of digital adoption solutions – digital adoption solutions 101. Namely, we’ll cover: What digital adoption is Why it’s a critical step in the digital transformation process What digital adoption solutions are Why digital

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Digital Transformation – The Inevitable Definitions Discussions

It’s critical to discuss the meaning of digital transformation – the inevitable definitions discussions. Before investing, businesses should understand: Why digital transformation is taking the world by storm The different dimensions of digital transformation – from technology to strategy The

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Are Digital Transformation and Linear Management Thinking Compatible?

Are digital transformation and linear management thinking compatible? In this article, we’ll examine: Linear thinking in business and management Whether linear management works in the digital age Modern “nonlinear” approaches to management, business, and product development To start with, let’s

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Digital Transformation – Beyond Technology

Today, businesses must take digital transformation beyond technology.  Understanding the human differentiator is essential to success in the digital economy. Here are a few reasons why: Despite the convenience offered by machines, customers prefer interacting with humans. According to Accenture,

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Digital Transformation and Business Process Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

Today, digital transformation and business process outsourcing often go hand in hand. Digital transformation – and other forms of organizational change – can significantly benefit from outsourcing. In this article, we’ll look at: Some of the biggest benefits of outsourcing

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Digital Transformation in the Supply Chain: Trends, Themes, and Challenges

In this article, we’ll take a close look at digital transformation in the supply chain. As with any other industry, the supply chain is undergoing significant digital disruption. Below, we will look at a few of the top trends, themes,

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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Top Trends in 2019

What are the top trends for digital transformation in healthcare? Below, we’ll look at 2019 trends, as well as future forecasts. To start with, let’s look at some research and statistics. Digital Transformation in Healthcare: 2019 Stats and Trends According

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Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Digital transformation in the insurance industry is about to take off. In the coming years, digital disruption is set to change the way: Customers choose and purchase insurance Customers interact with insurance agencies Companies operate and do business According to

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Digital Transformation In The Utilities Industry: 4 Trends To Watch Out For

Digital transformation in the utilities industry is going to the next level.   In the face of rapid evolution of technology, the utilities industry is under special pressure to adopt innovations.  The constant demand for improvements is multiplied by rising

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Digital Transformation In The Retail Industry: Risks, Tips & Trends

Digital transformation in the retail industry is one of the fastest moving examples of technology-driven business change.  In this article, we’re going to look at what is driving digital transformation in the retail industry, the risks associated with not transforming

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Digital Transformation In Manufacturing: Information & Trends

Digital transformation in manufacturing is a hot topic today.  To be successful in manufacturing, companies must implement a successful digital transformation process. Being at the cutting edge of digital technology trends will enable them to be ahead of the manufacturing

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Digital Transformation In Government And The Public Sector: Risks, Tips & Trends

Digital transformation in government and the public sector is now “imperative”. That’s according to EY Global Government & Public Sector Advisory, Arnauld Bertrand. And we don’t disagree; the evidence is clear.  In this article, we’re going to look at what

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Trends in Digital Transformation Across Various Industries

When examining digital transformation across various industries, we should start by looking at digital technology itself. That is, what role does digital technology play in an industry? Digital technology certainly impacts every industry, both large and small. But some are

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Digital Transformation and Intelligent Information: A Quick Guide

Digital transformation and intelligent information are critical processes in today’s business climate. Below, we’ll explore both of these concepts in detail, including: What digital transformation is Why businesses must transform in today’s digitally-driven economy What intelligent information means  And how

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Information Chaos and Information as an Enabler

Information chaos and information as an enabler… This statement may seem like a self-contradiction or a paradox. But understanding this dichotomy can help you transform information from a hindrance into an enabler … in any area of business. In this

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Digital Transformation and the Key Role of Data and Information

In this article, we’ll explore digital transformation and the key role of data and information. Namely, we’ll see: How data analytics drives successful digital transformation, adoption, and evolution How to transform data into insights and insights into action Why it

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Digital Transformation and Hyper-Connected Optimization

What do digital transformation and hyper-connected optimization have to do with each other? And how does hyper-connected optimization benefit companies? More importantly … what does “hyper-connected optimization” even mean? Below, we’ll explain: What hyper-connection is and why it matters (with

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Digital Transformation and Sales Trends, According to Salesforce

In today’s fast-paced economy, digital transformation and sales are deeply intertwined. Sales itself is undergoing transformation on a huge scale. According to research by Salesforce, customer expectations are soaring.  Those demands, in turn, put pressure on companies to deliver excellent

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The Critical Link Between Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

Digital transformation and customer experience may seem to be totally unrelated concepts. However, anyone involved with technology understands that the two are directly linked. Below, we’ll explore: Why the customer experience is so critical How digital technology enables better experiences

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How to Fuel Acceleration of Innovation and Transformation

How can you fuel acceleration of innovation and transformation? There is no magic recipe for successful digital transformation. Every year, the landscape changes a bit more, requiring new tactics, strategies, and tools. That fact – permanent, continuous change – makes

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The Digital Transformation Economy: From SaaS Solutions to Consultants

Digital transformation is changing the business world from top to bottom, spawning an entire “digital transformation economy.” Today, there are new verticals devoted to: Researching and developing new technology Supporting digital transformation efforts Building tools that enable digital transformation The

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Digital Disruption and Employee Training: Do or Die

Digital disruption and employee training go hand-in-hand – or they should. Disruptive technology is driving change in virtually every marketplace and industry. However, keeping up with disruptions doesn’t merely mean “implementing new software.” Every digital disruption has ripple effects, such

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The Foundation Of Digital Transformation Is Digitization

Digital transformation didn’t gently knock on our doors. It breached through like there was no door at all.  Every wise business owner today must seek a solution for rapid and successful digital transformation.  However, everything has its beginning and foundation,

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Making Digitalization A Seamless & Positive Experience — For Everyone

Digitalization is so important in modern business. We live in a digital world, so businesses that aren’t up to speed could experience diminishing profits. Resisting digitalization is a huge risk. But adopting it is a massive opportunity. You know the

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Digital Transformation Myths and Realities To Focus Your Mind & Give You Direction

The fact that you’re searching for digital transformation myths and realities indicates that you’re already aware of the rumours and misunderstandings surrounding digital. Probably the biggest myth that we come across is the claim that digital transformation is all about

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Digital Maturity Benchmarks: 4 Ways To Assess Your Organization’s Digital Maturity

On a scale of 1 to 10, how digitally mature are you? If 1 is never having or barely being able to operate a computer, and 10 is Scarlett Johansson in the 2014 movie Lucy, most of us are probably

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20 Places to Find the Best Digital Transformation Articles

Where can you find the best digital transformation articles? Below, we’ll cover 20 of the best sites, blogs, and resources. Where to the Best Digital Transformation Articles Online The most obvious places to look are the top business blogs and

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Top Digital Transformation Technologies that Fuel Growth in 2019

What are the most important digital transformation technologies in 2019? A report by IDG defined the idea of “the digital business.” In their report, they outlined: What a digital business is Why digital-first business strategies matter Where digital-first companies allocate

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Why Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a mega-trend that is spreading across industry after industry. But for organizations who have yet to begin their transformations, they may ask the obvious question – why digital transformation? Below, we’ll explore 5 answers to that question.

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What Is Digital Transformation Strategy?

What is digital transformation strategy? Also, why is digital transformation important? Some insight can be provided by a Forbes report on digital transformation: Digital transformation is already a top strategic priority for 50% of its survey respondents, who included top

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Digital Disruption and Transformation: 7 Trends and Strategies

Digital disruption and transformation define the global economy. As some have said, it’s “disrupt or be disrupted.” Competitive advantage in today’s world is often fueled by technology and driven by innovative strategies. Such strategies include: New approaches to optimizing the

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What Advice Will a Digital Adoption Consultant Give You?

What advice will a digital adoption consultant offer during consultation? Below, we’ll explore digital adoption in detail, including: What a digital adoption consultant does What advice they would offer The pros and cons of hiring an outside consultant Other approaches

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Digital Transformation FAQ: Top Questions and Answers

In this digital transformation FAQ, we answer questions about this digital mega-trend. These questions and answers can help readers: Understand what digital transformation is Learn why it matters Weigh the pros and cons Decide whether, when, or how to get

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Digital Adoption Jobs Profile: The Digital Adoption Manager

Perhaps the biggest key role in the digital adoption jobs category is the digital adoption manager. This role oversees digital adoption projects throughout an organization. There are certainly others involved – from trainers to change managers to IT specialists.  However,

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The Digital Adoption Solutions Category: A Game-Changer

The digital adoption solutions category changes the digital transformation game. This category, introduced in a recent Gartner report, describes a new software category dubbed, “Digital Adoption Solutions.” Digital adoption solutions are the very same digital adoption platforms (DAPs) we have

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A company often requires changes to advance in today’s market. Specifically, when it picks up new projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address key issues. Read the full guide here.

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