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Today, all companies must digitally transform or risk becoming obsolete. Digital transformation is the process of adopting technology to improve operational efficiency, boost customer experience, and uncap innovation.


Without a formal change management infrastructure, it will be impossible to guide an enterprise-wide transformation. Leadership, transparency, and employee engagement are essential to your change management strategy.

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Achieving digital adoption means using your technology for the desired intent and to it’s fullest capability. Without it, your software investment costs more than it’s worth.

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Making Digitalization A Seamless & Positive Experience — For Everyone

Digitalization is so important in modern business. We live in a digital world, so businesses that aren’t up to speed could experience diminishing profits. Resisting digitalization is a huge risk. But adopting it is a massive opportunity. You know the

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Digital Transformation Myths and Realities To Focus Your Mind & Give You Direction

The fact that you’re searching for digital transformation myths and realities indicates that you’re already aware of the rumours and misunderstandings surrounding digital. Probably the biggest myth that we come across is the claim that digital transformation is all about

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Digital Maturity Benchmarks: 4 Ways To Assess Your Organization’s Digital Maturity

On a scale of 1 to 10, how digitally mature are you? If 1 is never having or barely being able to operate a computer, and 10 is Scarlett Johansson in the 2014 movie Lucy, most of us are probably

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20 Places to Find the Best Digital Transformation Articles

Where can you find the best digital transformation articles? Below, we’ll cover 20 of the best sites, blogs, and resources. Where to the Best Digital Transformation Articles Online The most obvious places to look are the top business blogs and

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Top Digital Transformation Technologies that Fuel Growth in 2019

What are the most important digital transformation technologies in 2019? A report by IDG defined the idea of “the digital business.” In their report, they outlined: What a digital business is Why digital-first business strategies matter Where digital-first companies allocate

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Why Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a mega-trend that is spreading across industry after industry. But for organizations who have yet to begin their transformations, they may ask the obvious question – why digital transformation? Below, we’ll explore 5 answers to that question.

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What Is Digital Transformation Strategy?

What is digital transformation strategy? Also, why is digital transformation important? Some insight can be provided by a Forbes report on digital transformation: Digital transformation is already a top strategic priority for 50% of its survey respondents, who included top

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Digital Disruption and Transformation: 7 Trends and Strategies

Digital disruption and transformation define the global economy. As some have said, it’s “disrupt or be disrupted.” Competitive advantage in today’s world is often fueled by technology and driven by innovative strategies. Such strategies include: New approaches to optimizing the

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What Advice Will a Digital Adoption Consultant Give You?

What advice will a digital adoption consultant offer during consultation? Below, we’ll explore digital adoption in detail, including: What a digital adoption consultant does What advice they would offer The pros and cons of hiring an outside consultant Other approaches

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Digital Transformation FAQ: Top Questions and Answers

In this digital transformation FAQ, we answer questions about this digital mega-trend. These questions and answers can help readers: Understand what digital transformation is Learn why it matters Weigh the pros and cons Decide whether, when, or how to get

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Digital Adoption Jobs Profile: The Digital Adoption Manager

Perhaps the biggest key role in the digital adoption jobs category is the digital adoption manager. This role oversees digital adoption projects throughout an organization. There are certainly others involved – from trainers to change managers to IT specialists.  However,

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The Digital Adoption Solutions Category: A Game-Changer

The digital adoption solutions category changes the digital transformation game. This category, introduced in a recent Gartner report, describes a new software category dubbed, “Digital Adoption Solutions.” Digital adoption solutions are the very same digital adoption platforms (DAPs) we have

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Digital Transformation: 2019 Trends and Future Forecasts

For digital adoption and digital transformation, 2019 trends look like they will accelerate. This is good news for companies that are engaged in certain kinds of digital transformation efforts. It means they are on the right track and can keep

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3 Digital Transformation Myths, and 3 Must-Know Truths

What are some of the biggest digital transformation myths? In this article, we’ll explore three of those myths – along with three must-know truths about digital transformation. Let’s start by looking at some of the top misconceptions. 3 Digital Transformation

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How Not to Be a Victim of Digital Disruption

Digital disruption defines the state of the global economy. Over the past several decades, the technology industry has come to dominate the marketplace. Today, the world’s most valuable companies are technology companies. According to calculations by FXSSI, the top 5

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The Evolution of Digital Transformation and Tech Trends

Changes in technology fuel the evolution of digital transformation, digitization, and digital strategy. Over the past few decades, we have seen the rise of the internet, mobile technology, and AI … among other things. Today, new technologies continue to emerge

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The Role of Training in Successful Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation depends on many things: choice of technology, change management, and training … to name a few. There is no single ingredient that can propel your project to success. A good outcome requires a balanced combination of factors.

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Digital Transformation Insights and Stats for 2018 – 2019

Today, digital change is commonplace – so what digital transformation insights can we gain from the front lines? Below, we’ll look at research and data from 2019. In particular, we’ll discover: The benefits of digital transformation Some of the top

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How to Execute a Stellar Digital Transformation Process: 3 Keys to Success

A good digital transformation process accounts for people, technology, and the environment. If you focus exclusively on only one of these elements, your project will fall short. For instance: If you focus only on the technology, employees may get left

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Top Barriers that Can Halt Your Digital Transformation Journey

Every organization will face obstacles during its digital transformation journey. For companies that can overcome these barriers to change – and achieve transformation – the rewards are well worth it. According to a 2018 study by Jabil, many companies recognize

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The Costliest Digital Transformation Mistakes … And How to Avoid Them

Digital transformation mistakes can be costly – and the most costly ones can cause projects to fail. It’s essential for any project manager or change manager to anticipate and prevent mistakes. The right approach to risk mitigation can: Help you

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Are You Using These 5 Necessary Digital Transformation Tools?

Digital transformation is one of the main components of development among today’s enterprises.  Technology impacts all industries and, in light of the popularity of digital channels among your clients and partners, it’s your duty to keep up with the world

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Successful Digital Transformation Strategies — Basic Blueprint

There’s no such thing as a digital transformation template. But there are some qualities and components that successful digital transformation strategies share.  In this article, we’ll break them down for you and pose some questions you need to consider when

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10 Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts: A Change Manager’s Guide

This list of digital transformation dos and don’ts will help you know what to avoid and what to fix. Top 10 Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts Below are 5 digital transformation dos and don’ts… Don’t… Let’s start with things to

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Why Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Digital transformation is not about technology.  Harvard Business Review stated this loud and proud back in March, reporting that of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on digital transformation in 2018, $900 billion went to waste.  Why? “Fundamentally, it’s because

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Digital Adoption Solutions vs Digital Adoption Platforms: Quick Guide [2019]

Digital adoption solutions vs Digital Adoption Platforms — there’s been a lot of talk about both recently. But which is which? What do they do? And how do you know if your organization should be using one? These are the

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10 Digital Transformation Tactics, Strategies, and Tips

The right digital transformation tactics can help your business survive, compete, and thrive in the digital age. A solid digital adoption and transformation program can help your company: Stay ahead of the technology curve – so your business doesn’t fall

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What Is A Digital Adoption Solution & How To Spot A Good One

Gartner recently formally announced a category that every enterprise should be aware  of: digital adoption solutions. And it’s about time. Poor digital adoption has been hampering organizations’ digital transformation efforts for a while. It’s a critical deficiency in the digital

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Digital Transformation Wiki: What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You

Did you know how easy it is to contribute to Wikipedia? The answer is, very. “Everyone is encouraged to copy-edit articles, add content and create new articles if they have knowledge about the topic at hand or are willing to

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3 Critical Insights Into Digital Transformation In Banking [2019]

We’ve written before about digital adoption in banking and how important it is to successful digital transformation in banking.  Banks are behind big brands in the digital transformation race — but more importantly, they’re missing a key element of what

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How To Create A Digital Transformation Framework [2019]

Having an articulate vision of your company’s future is a vital part of your success. Establishing milestones for your company’s development, charting business models and ways to achieve your goals are essential parts of such a vision. Digital transformation is

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How to Make a Simple 4-Part Digital Transformation Roadmap

A digital transformation roadmap is an essential guide that you can use during your transformation journey. Below, we’ll show you an easy-to-follow template that you can use to create your own roadmap. The template we’ll cover has four core parts:

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Microsoft Digital Transformation with Azure: How to Accelerate Business Growth

Companies that want to fuel business growth should consider Microsoft digital transformation solutions. Some of the world’s biggest brands, from Starbucks to Maersk, are leveraging Microsoft products to help transform their businesses. For instance: Starbucks – The well-known coffee company

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2 Successful Digital Transformation Examples from Retail: Walmart and Starbucks

Digital transformation examples can help us study the benefits of digital transformation. At least, when the examples demonstrate successful transformation… There are also examples of failed transformations – and failures to transform at all. For instance, there is a long

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In Digital Transformation, Culture Comes First

When it comes to digital transformation, culture should come first. Unfortunately, many organizations put culture last – if they put it anywhere. However, many of today’s most successful organizations recognize the critical importance of company culture. Does “culture eat strategy

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HR, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Work

The future of work will depend on organizations’ approach to HR, digital transformation, and digital adoption. Today, the role of HR is changing. Tomorrow, this department will play a crucial role in corporate strategy and worker management. Below, we’ll look

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Change Management Guide

A company often requires changes to advance in today’s market. Specifically, when it picks up new projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address key issues. Read the full guide here.

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