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Looking For A Change Management Platform To Assist Your Enterprise? Get The Lowdown Here

Change Management Platform

Change management could very well hold the key to enterprise success today.

But there’s a proviso.

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To be relevant and effective, change management must now be digitally-focused.

The ability of organizations to adapt to the ever-changing digital world is dependent on the deployment of a good change management platform.

As digital transformation continues to take place in the enterprise world, digital change management platforms are becoming increasingly recognized as important enabling tools.

To get a better understanding of how these tools fit into the change process, we need to define change management.  

The definition of change management

For the purposes of this article, change management is the process of preparing, equipping, and supporting individuals to adopt a change in order to achieve organizational success and desired outcomes.

What is a change management platform?

A change management platform is software that enables companies to manage, monitor, and scale their change management process and performance.

According to Frank Calderoni, CEO of business planning/forecasting platform provider, Anaplan: “All companies deal with change somewhere or another.”

So companies today are focused on seeking suitable change management platforms to help them scale and reinvent their businesses and processes. This includes how they deploy data and technology — such as cloud, mobile, data analytics, machine learning, AI and more.

But change is never easy. Change in any form threatens to alter the very essence of a company, positively or otherwise, so it is often met with resistance.

Ensuring hassle-free transitions requires considerable strategic planning, communications, and expert project management.  

It’s not just about managing change. It’s about making sure individuals within the organization adopt the change.

With so much of today’s change being digital, the ideal change management platform should include a component that focuses on adoption of new technology.

Here are 3 useful change management tools that global enterprise and large multinational organizations can use to adapt to new changes seamlessly.

Your enterprise change management platform: 3 slick options

1. Freshservice

This is a cloud-based change management platform. With this platform, organizations can structure every step of change planning from beginning to end. It helps companies better manage daily tasks, improve efficiency, and optimize control over approvals.

It’s proving useful in multiple industries, from advertising and e-commerce, to educational institutions and government organizations.

Key features include problem and incident management, release management, and reporting. It’s also capable of conducting audit trails, workflow approvals, change calendaring, compliance management, and task prioritization.

Freshservice integrates with many enterprise apps, such as G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Box, Skype, Zapier, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce.

2. Intelligent Service Management

Intelligent Service Management helps organizations to optimize roll-outs and execute changes for both speed and accuracy.

Features include:

  • Help with preparing communication, scheduling, and identifying whether policy and compliance standards are enforced, reviewed, and approved before they are implemented
  • Process automation to reduce risks and ensure consistency and compliance
  • An ITIL-verified change management function

Industries suitable for this tool include medical services, public sector companies, higher education institutions, and healthcare organizations.

This change management platform integrates with Zapier, Bomgar Remote Support, Salesforce, and Skype.

3. WalkMe

WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). When it comes to managing digital transitions, there’s no better change management platform.

The DAP helps users to adapt to digital changes by providing contextual guidance at the time of need. It’s platform agnostic, so it can be applied to any piece of enterprise software.

The great thing about the DAP is that it ensures the user side of digital change goes smoothly and you get maximum ROI from the technology. Because the DAP works in real-time, there’s no lapse in productivity during the transition.

Key features of WalkMe:

  • Interactive guidance to help employees navigate their way around new digital tools, systems, and apps
  • Insights and adoption data highlighting usage issues with new technology
  • Easy to use drag and drop interface for the Administrator to set goals and communicate changes

This is the digital change management platform of choice for large enterprises that include PayPal, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco.

This platform can easily be integrated with Salesforce, Workday, Oracle Cloud HCM, ServiceNow, NetSuite, SAP Concur, cPanel, SharePoint, and more.

In fact, the DAP is capable of a lot more than managing change and can even be used in conjunction with another change management tool. When it comes to successfully integrating digital tools, it’s an absolute godsend for large organizations.

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