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Today, all companies must digitally transform or risk becoming obsolete. Digital transformation is the process of adopting technology to improve operational efficiency, boost customer experience, and uncap innovation.


Without a formal change management infrastructure, it will be impossible to guide an enterprise-wide transformation. Leadership, transparency, and employee engagement are essential to your change management strategy.

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Achieving digital adoption means using your technology for the desired intent and to it’s fullest capability. Without it, your software investment costs more than it’s worth.

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10 Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts: A Change Manager’s Guide

This list of digital transformation dos and don’ts will help you know what to avoid and what to fix. Top 10 Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts Below are 5 digital transformation dos and don’ts… Don’t… Let’s start with things to

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Why Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology

Digital transformation is not about technology.  Harvard Business Review stated this loud and proud back in March, reporting that of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on digital transformation in 2018, $900 billion went to waste.  Why? “Fundamentally, it’s because

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Digital Adoption Solutions vs Digital Adoption Platforms: Quick Guide [2019]

Digital adoption solutions vs Digital Adoption Platforms — there’s been a lot of talk about both recently. But which is which? What do they do? And how do you know if your organization should be using one? These are the

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10 Digital Transformation Tactics, Strategies, and Tips

The right digital transformation tactics can help your business survive, compete, and thrive in the digital age. A solid digital adoption and transformation program can help your company: Stay ahead of the technology curve – so your business doesn’t fall

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What Is A Digital Adoption Solution & How To Spot A Good One

Gartner recently formally announced a category that every enterprise should be aware  of: digital adoption solutions. And it’s about time. Poor digital adoption has been hampering organizations’ digital transformation efforts for a while. It’s a critical deficiency in the digital

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Digital Transformation Wiki: What Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You

Did you know how easy it is to contribute to Wikipedia? The answer is, very. “Everyone is encouraged to copy-edit articles, add content and create new articles if they have knowledge about the topic at hand or are willing to

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3 Critical Insights Into Digital Transformation In Banking [2019]

We’ve written before about digital adoption in banking and how important it is to successful digital transformation in banking.  Banks are behind big brands in the digital transformation race — but more importantly, they’re missing a key element of what

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How To Create A Digital Transformation Framework [2019]

Having an articulate vision of your company’s future is a vital part of your success. Establishing milestones for your company’s development, charting business models and ways to achieve your goals are essential parts of such a vision. Digital transformation is

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How to Make a Simple 4-Part Digital Transformation Roadmap

A digital transformation roadmap is an essential guide that you can use during your transformation journey. Below, we’ll show you an easy-to-follow template that you can use to create your own roadmap. The template we’ll cover has four core parts:

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Microsoft Digital Transformation with Azure: How to Accelerate Business Growth

Companies that want to fuel business growth should consider Microsoft digital transformation solutions. Some of the world’s biggest brands, from Starbucks to Maersk, are leveraging Microsoft products to help transform their businesses. For instance: Starbucks – The well-known coffee company

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2 Successful Digital Transformation Examples from Retail: Walmart and Starbucks

Digital transformation examples can help us study the benefits of digital transformation. At least, when the examples demonstrate successful transformation… There are also examples of failed transformations – and failures to transform at all. For instance, there is a long

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In Digital Transformation, Culture Comes First

When it comes to digital transformation, culture should come first. Unfortunately, many organizations put culture last – if they put it anywhere. However, many of today’s most successful organizations recognize the critical importance of company culture. Does “culture eat strategy

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HR, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Work

The future of work will depend on organizations’ approach to HR, digital transformation, and digital adoption. Today, the role of HR is changing. Tomorrow, this department will play a crucial role in corporate strategy and worker management. Below, we’ll look

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Gartner Introduces the Digital Adoption Solution (DAS)

Gartner’s new report, “Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions,” introduced the Digital Adoption Solution (DAS). This is a new category of technology aimed at streamlining digital adoption. In this article, we’ll explore this topic in more detail, learning: What

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Digital Transformation: McKinsey Takeaways and Lessons

When it comes to digital transformation, McKinsey has its fair share of opinions. The well-known research firm taps top talent from a wide range of industries in order to provide its industry-leading advice. In this article, we’ll explore some of

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How to Drive Digital Business Transformation with Data

Data fuels success in today’s digital economy – and businesses that want to succeed should use their data to fuel digital business transformation. The many benefits of data-fueled business processes include: Better customer engagement and value Improved employee engagement, retention,

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What to Look for in a Digital Transformation Agency

What should you look for in a digital transformation agency? And how do you know when to sign on with one? Though digital transformation is a relatively new term, the practices behind digital transformation are not. These include: Change management

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How to Easily Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy

How do you develop a digital transformation strategy? One that helps your organization stay modern and competitive? The digital era has turned the business world into a fast-paced, fierce marketplace. Today, battles are being waged on several fronts. Businesses are

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Digital Transformation Consulting: Do You Need It?

Do you need digital transformation consulting? To make tangible progress, expertise is a pre-requisite. The right consultants can help you modernize your IT function, get better results from existing technology, and more. Below, we’ll look at digital transformation consulting inside

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20 Places to Find Digital Transformation News and Technology News

Keeping up with digital transformation news is vital if you want to track industry trends and forecasts. Because today’s industry keeps changing, it is critical to stay on top of marketplace movements. Tracking digital transformation news can help you: Learn

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A Digital Transformation Definition that Actually Makes Sense

A digital transformation definition should be something you can actually apply in business. Unfortunately, many of the definitions found online are abstract, esoteric, and full of jargon. This makes them impossible – or very difficult – to actually implement. Let’s

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Why the Diffusion of Innovation Matters for Businesses

Today, the diffusion of innovation is a top concern for modernizing organizations. But what exactly is it? And why does it matter? In short, it matters because today’s global economy is driven by change. The marketplace is volatile, fast-paced, and

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5 Barriers to Adopting Digital Transformation

Adopting digital transformation initiatives has its fair share of obstacles – left unchecked, these barriers can completely impede adoption. Failure can be costly, so organizations should do everything they can to ensure success. In this article, we’ll explore: 5 of

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How to Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Training

If you are wondering how to increase sales productivity, consider augmenting your digital training program. Today, digital tools exist in every field of business. These tools offer growth opportunities for organizations that choose to use them. But they also pose

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Effective Product Training with Digital Adoption Platforms

Effective product training is essential for digital software, applications, and platforms. Good product training does great things for that product’s creators: Users learn products faster Engagement goes up, frustration goes down Abandonment drops Productivity increases These are a few of

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How to Choose the Best Digital Adoption Solution

Choosing the right digital adoption solution is no small matter. It takes careful research, analysis, and planning. Below, we’ll cover the essential steps you should follow when choosing a digital adoption solution. These include: Understanding the problem that is driving

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What Is Digital Transformation? A 5-Minute Crash Course

What is digital transformation? In this 5-minute crash course, you’ll learn what it is, why it matters, and whether you should take action. What Is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is used interchangeably with terms such as digitization, digitalization, and digital

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4 Step Digital Adoption Planning — The Key To Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is simple really. It just takes good digital adoption planning. Yes, proper digital adoption planning is critical for a company to have successful digital transformation. Every phase of the digital adoption process must be properly planned for true

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Digital Adoption Mission: How Good Adoption Helps Your Organization’s Purpose

For many organizations, digital is still considered the remit of the IT department. Of course, that makes sense. The experts in technology are more likely to be interested in its development, implementation, and integration into the workplace. But the fact

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What to Look for in Digital Adoption Solutions Providers

Digital adoption solutions help your business adopt technology faster, more efficiently, at lower cost. The right digital adoption solution is not just icing on the cake … it is critical in today’s competitive marketplace. According to Gartner, the digital adoption

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How To Measure Digital Adoption Impact Within The Workforce

Measuring the success of your digital adoption initiatives is not just about numbers. Digital adoption impact can be felt in many ways and by all members of the workforce. Organizations should look to measure the impact of the whole process.

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8 Tips For Designing An Effective Digital Adoption Policy

There’s a policy for everything these days. Retail companies have a returns policy. Since GDPR, even the smallest businesses have updated their privacy policy. And you’d be hard pressed to find an enterprise without a social media policy. How many

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What Is Digital Dexterity & Why You Need To Know About It

The biggest threat to your organization’s digital transformation could well be employee resistance to change. Resistance is the outcome of many other reactions to change, such as: Fear Uncertainty Irritation Confusion For an enterprise to give itself the best shot

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5 Change Management Principles For The Digital Age

We live and work in an era of constant change. Against a backdrop of continual digital progress, the ability to adapt and evolve is essential. Every time a new technology enters the market, every time enterprise applications are updated, and

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The Process of Digital Adoption For Your Customers — And Tips To Improve It

The process of digital adoption is often a difficult one. After all, only 16% of users are early adopters of technology. And according to the same studies, at least half of your customers are going to be slower than average

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How Digital Dexterity Became The Most Wanted Business Quality Of 2019

Dexterity. When was the last time you used it in a sentence? It certainly doesn’t get used in an office setting that often. But actually, “dexterity” is a word that holds great importance in today’s workplaces. It means deftness, adeptness,

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A company often requires changes to advance in today’s market. Specifically, when it picks up new projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address key issues. Read the full guide here.

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