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Today, all companies must digitally transform or risk becoming obsolete. Digital transformation is the process of adopting technology to improve operational efficiency, boost customer experience, and uncap innovation.


Without a formal change management infrastructure, it will be impossible to guide an enterprise-wide transformation. Leadership, transparency, and employee engagement are essential to your change management strategy.

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Achieving digital adoption means using your technology for the desired intent and to it’s fullest capability. Without it, your software investment costs more than it’s worth.

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Looking For A Change Management Platform To Assist Your Enterprise? Get The Lowdown Here

Change management could very well hold the key to enterprise success today. But there’s a proviso. To be relevant and effective, change management must now be digitally-focused. The ability of organizations to adapt to the ever-changing digital world is dependent

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The Vital Importance Of Digital Adoption For Anybody Working In Today’s Enterprise

Today, enterprises are facing a new challenge. It’s called digital transformation. Enterprises and government are trying to keep pace with advancements in technology. It’s incredible to think that, only a few short years ago, people across the globe could only

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A Digital Change Leadership Platform For A Digital Future

Who do you think of as a leader? The CEO probably. In an institutional context, your old school principal maybe. But that’s actually quite a narrow-minded view of leadership. Today, the traditional hierarchical approach to enterprise structure and organizational development

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Potentially Lethal Digital Adoption Implications For Slow & Complacent Enterprises

In today’s marketplace, you need to know the digital adoption implications of your actions — or lack of action. Because they’re potentially lethal. Companies must make adoption a priority to avoid negative consequences, like employee churn, poor performance, and a

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The Truth Behind Digital Adoption Platform Efficiency & Improved Business Performance

The success and downfall of today’s businesses lies in the hands of digital innovation. Whether it’s a customer-facing app or a Robotic Process Automation to ease the workload of employees, the modern market dictates that if you want to remain

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Why You Should Use The DAP As Your Digital Transformation Platform

Change is the only constant in this world. We’re well into the Information Age, so at this point anything that hasn’t been transformed digitally, whether fully or partially, is being considered obsolete. Experts deem not only digital transformation but digital

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Digital Adoption Platform: The Employee Training Platform Of The Future

What are the greatest employee training challenges every successful enterprise faces? How to get ROI. Training employees is costly and labor-intensive. And for global enterprises, there are also geographical and time zone barriers with which to contend. Online training has

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4 Clear Signs There’s A Serious Digital Adoption Platform Need Within Your Enterprise

The likeliest thing to derail your enterprise in today’s digital revolution is poor adoption. You suspect this to be the case, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. It doesn’t matter whether your users are employees or customers, or both. Successful

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Trying To Understand What A Digital Adoption Platform & RPA Have In Common? Look No Further

RPA is the hottest development in enterprise innovation. If you don’t know what it is, you need to get acquainted very soon.    It’s central to upping the employee productivity and business performance. So is the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

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4 Clear Signs You Need A Digital Adoption Platform For Workday®

Cave man A uses tool. Cave man B uses tool more effectively, more innovatively, and quicker. Cave man B becomes tribe leader. This is a really basic explanation of how the effective use of tools has long been the root

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What Does Digital Adoption Mean & Who Does It Benefit?

What do CEOs and CIOs of global enterprises have in common with small business leaders and entrepreneurs? They’re all talking about digital adoption. But what does digital adoption mean, really? Isn’t it just using digital tools? No, it’s not. And

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4 Reasons To Start Using A Digital Adoption Platform For Salesforce® Right Away

If you want your enterprise to win in the digital revolution, rapid and capable adoption of digital tools is critical. Smart businesses are opting to use a tool to ensure the successful adoption of complex enterprise software, like your CRM.

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Searching For Digital Adoption Platform & Automation Solutions Separately? Don’t!

We’re getting more and more productive all the time. You know why? Because machines are doing more of our labor-intensive tasks for us. But with increased productivity and improved technology comes greater pressure to achieve more, go faster, and win

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Digital Adoption vs. Change Leadership: Putting An Engine On The Digital Change Process

Business jargon, don’t you just love it (or love to hate it)? If you’ve used the word “pivot” recently to describe an adjustment to something that just wasn’t working, you’re not alone. Mashable lists it as part of its 12

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A Digital Adoption Platform For Enterprises: Your Weapon Against Digital Disruption

Do you remember how much of a splash the iPhone made in the marketplace? Its success came as a huge shock to many, but most of all to Microsoft. Disruption is hard to predict. No enterprise can afford to become

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Why Choose Digital Adoption Platform? 3 Compelling Answers

You read Forbes, probably Harvard Business Review too. If you’re in L&D, you’ve likely been following the articles in Learning Solutions Magazine. So you realize just how much digital adoption is being talked about now. You understand that it’s the

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Solving The User Experience Problem: How To Increase Employee Onboarding With DAP

Have you heard about Walmart? The multi-billion dollar company is using VR headsets to train its employees. What digital innovations is your enterprise using to reach new heights? There have been some great technology developments to enter the world of

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Digital Adoption vs. Change Management: What Do They Have In Common?

Everyone today is talking about digital adoption. It’s the knowledge to have up your sleeve in the world of business enterprise. A couple of decades ago, that was change management.   Everyone was talking about it. And in 2005, the

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Golden Nugget Of Digital Adoption Wisdom For Businesses Of All Sizes — Prepare For AI!

“AI adoption advances, but foundational barriers remain.” That’s according to McKinsey’s November 2018 survey on artificial intelligence (AI) adoption within enterprises. Few companies actually have in place the “foundational building blocks” to generate value at scale using AI. So our

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What Does Digital Adoption Platform Mean? Faster, Easier, More Effective Use Of Digital Tools

Is it hot in here? If you work for a 50+ year old traditional enterprise, you’re probably feeling the heat. Why? Because you’re falling behind. Almost all (95%) startups already have digital business plans. But only 87% of traditional enterprises

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Transforming Traditional Enterprises Into Digital Natives: 4 Amazing Digital Adoption Platform Advantages

In 2016, Director of NextDesk Dan Lee predicted the rapid extinction of businesses failing to keep pace with the digital revolution. “Companies that were [once] able to prosper by moving at a deliberate and slow pace will be extinct within

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Your Secret Weapon: Why Digital Adoption Knowledge Should Be Your L&D Priority This Year

3 in 4 companies fail at digital transformation. Actually, it’s a whopping 84%. It’s not rocket science, but many organizations are failing to give their digital transformation the attention it deserves. Adoption rates are not what they should be, so

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Why Digital Adoption Experts Can’t Remember Life Without This 1 Awesome Tool

If Steve Jobs or Richard Branson gave you the secret to their success in business, would you use it? Of course you would. It’s not a trick question. They’re experts in how to run successful billion/trillion dollar companies. But they

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Why Digital Adoption Intelligence Isn’t Just For CIOs And IT Leaders

Your job, your industry, isn’t yours anymore. It belongs to digital.   Whatever your department, as an effective business leader today, you must have good digital adoption intelligence. Digital adoption is everybody’s business Today’s business landscape moves at break-neck speed.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Bring The Digital Adoption World To Work

Do you know what employees value? It’s technology, according to Adobe’s Future of Work Report 2016. Their data shows that state-of-the-art tech is more important to employees (81% of respondents) than things like office amenities. Employees want to experience the

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Digitization Vs. Digitalization Vs. Digital Adoption: Confused? Don’t Be!

Business leaders like you have enough to worry about without semantics causing issues too. And since the digital revolution has been gathering speed, more and more digital-related terms have been coming to the fore. Digitization, for example. And digitalization —

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Why Enterprises Need To Consider Their AI Digital Adoption Right Now — Like Now!

AI digital adoption advances, says McKinsey, “but foundational barriers remain.” That was the result of their global November 2018 survey on artificial intelligence (AI) adoption within enterprises. The global management consulting firm found that few companies actually have in place

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How Digitally Mature Is Your Business? Serious Digital Adoption Need Found In Australian & New Zealand Enterprises

If you’re reading this with an Australian accent, we’ve got some bad news for you. You’re failing at digital transformation. Not just you; New Zealand aswell. Recent research released by Infosys found that there’s a major digital adoption need in

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Digital Adoption For 2019: 3 Transformative Tools For Enterprise Learning & Development

If you work in enterprise learning and development, you’ve got one of the toughest jobs in a 21st century business: making sure that employees keep learning. Not only does learning in today’s digital workplace have to be continuous, it must

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5 Digital Adoption Best Practices To See You Successfully Into The Next Decade

Your organization won’t survive another decade. Almost 9 out of 10 enterprise decision makers feel they’ve got less than two years to make progress with their digital transformation. After that, their business will have fallen too far behind. “2018-2020 is

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4 Digital Adoption Strategies That Directly Impact The Bottom Line

The biggest threat to enterprises in today’s digital revolution is poor adoption. You know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Whether your users are employees or customers, or both, having the right digital adoption strategies and resources is critical to

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How To Develop An Effective Digital Adoption Flow For Your Users

Adoption is what makes humans so much more than our primate cousins. It’s our adoption of tools that sets us apart — our ability to turn them from tools into assets. It’s absolutely the same with digital adoption. Today’s enterprises

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Facing Your Demons: 5 Digital Adoption Obstacles That Are All In Your Head

We’ve got some news for you — you should probably go back to school and study neuroscience. Why? Because it could hold the key to overcoming common digital adoption obstacles. That and psychology. Both disciplines are about understanding the human

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CIOs Guidance: 4 Leadership Skills You Need To Develop Before 2020

In 2010’s The CIO Edge: Seven Leadership Skills You Need to Drive Results, the authors argued that the most important skills CIOs must possess are leadership and people skills. Eight years on in 2018, CIOs said their number 1 goal

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The Ultimate Guide To Digital Adoption For Enterprises — Including SWOT Analysis

The biggest threat to any enterprise is disruption. The iPhone’s success came as a huge shock to Microsoft. And who knew that Uber and Lyft would cause such problems for airports in terms of revenue lost from on site car

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Why Digital Adoption Is More About Psychology Than It Is Technology

The HR leaders among you probably know more about digital adoption than the CIOs. Why? Because digital adoption isn’t really about technology. It’s about human behavior. This is why digital adoption managers the world over are seeking inspiration from the

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Change Management Guide

A company often requires changes to advance in today’s market. Specifically, when it picks up new projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address key issues. Read the full guide here.

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