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Why Digital Adoption Intelligence Isn’t Just For CIOs And IT Leaders

Your job, your industry, isn’t yours anymore.

It belongs to digital.  

Whatever your department, as an effective business leader today, you must have good digital adoption intelligence.

Digital adoption is everybody’s business

Today’s business landscape moves at break-neck speed. Business leaders must incorporate digital adoption into their continued professional development in order to stay relevant.

Those who don’t update and expand their skill set will fall behind.  

In Entrepreneur, Manish Dudharejia writes: “There cannot be digital transformation without leaders who have mastered the ins and outs of digital adoption.”

“In order to become an effective leader…it is critical that you do everything in your power to stay updated with this ever-changing field.”

Because digital success is no longer one person’s responsibility. CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, HR and Sales leaders all need to develop their digital adoption intelligence and find innovative new ways to achieve their goals.

Dudharejia warns leaders to “step up” and understand “the important role that they play in supporting a tech-centric culture”.

Why People & Culture leaders need digital adoption intelligence

According to a report by VMWare, “digitally empowered” employees are significantly more productive. And a global study by Aruba revealed that employees who work in digitally-advanced workplaces are more motivated, with higher job satisfaction and a greater overall sense of wellbeing.

Not only is digital adoption knowledge necessary to create a happy and productive workforce, it’s essential for easy onboarding, L&D, and training.

Effective onboarding sets the tone for the employee experience. It plays an important role in reducing employee churn. As do L&D and employee training, which are huge cost centers to enterprises so it’s hugely important to ensure their ROI.

HR and training leaders who understand digital adoption can reduce onboarding time and improve digital training programs by incorporating one simple tool into their strategy: a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

The DAP can be applied to any existing digital system to provide contextual guidance to new users, getting them up-to-speed faster. It can also take over the task of training employees in new software and programs.

With the DAP, the workforce is happier, more productive, and more likely to stay.  

Why Marketing leaders need digital adoption intelligence

There are so many ways in which having digital adoption intelligence can turn a marketing leader into a marketing influencer. Marketers need to know what their audience wants and how to solve their problems.

Then they need to take them on the path to purchase.

With so many transactions now taking place online, the path to purchase is largely a digital one.

Smart marketing leaders spend their time considering how digital tools can not only improve the customer experience (CX), but also provide deeper insights into their audience.

The majority of customer-facing digital platforms have in-built data and analytics tools. But turning that data into meaningful insights can still be a challenge.

That’s where knowledge of digital adoption tools comes in handy.

Did you know that the DAP, for example, can tell you exactly how your customers are using your platform? Not only that, but also what tasks they’re struggling to complete and what sort of improvements could be made to help them on their path to purchase.

Now that’s useful CX insight.

Leaders in sales need digital adoption intelligence

This report released by Forrester Research emphasizes the need for industry leaders to rethink their sales tech strategies. It encourages decision-makers in sales to look at how innovative digital tools can help their team drive sales.

Digital tools are there to make our lives easier and more productive. The report highlights how WalkMe’s DAP allows Sales teams to concentrate on selling by reducing their time spent on administrative tasks.

The DAP has been shown to save sales reps 2 hours per day. That’s 10 extra hours per week that can be dedicated to meet and greets, relationship building, and customer care.

Sales leaders with advanced digital adoption intelligence are already seeing the results. Isn’t it time you did too?

All decision-makers need digital adoption intelligence

In fact, decision-makers and leaders of all kinds need good digital adoption intelligence.

“A business leader who understands digital adoption — as well as the best strategies and approaches to apply it within the business — will be able to cultivate a culture of innovation.” Manish Dudharejia

The clock is ticking. McKinsey has already sounded the death knell for certain organizations that don’t meet digital standards by 2020. If your digital adoption intelligence is weak, now is the time to build it.

Even if you think it’s good, it will constantly need updating to keep pace with digital evolution. So prioritize digital adoption now to become a better leader.  

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