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Transforming Traditional Enterprises Into Digital Natives: 4 Amazing Digital Adoption Platform Advantages

Digital Adoption Platform Advantages

In 2016, Director of NextDesk Dan Lee predicted the rapid extinction of businesses failing to keep pace with the digital revolution.

“Companies that were [once] able to prosper by moving at a deliberate and slow pace will be extinct within as little as five years. Those companies that stay on the cutting edge of innovation will direct where we are going.”

Where we’re going is to a business landscape that’s dominated by digital. Not only is our information digitized, our business processes are becoming more digitalized.

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Companies at the cutting edge of technological innovation don’t just have digital processes, they have digital business models. They know all too well the importance of successful digital adoption.

They’ve discovered tools to facilitate adoption. They know about all the Digital Adoption Platform advantages.

But do you?

Fast and slow: the pace of evolution vs. learning

Ari Zolden writes in Inc.:

“our newfound technological prowess lends itself to quicker, bigger, better breakthroughs; it compounds its own evolution on an exponential scale.”

It’s virtually impossible to keep up with the pace of technological innovation, especially given the time it takes to adopt new technology.

After all, users are human. Our learning is manual. We don’t have an algorithm based on input data that instantly knows the answers. Our learning takes time. That’s why it’s called a “learning curve”.

Not only that, but we have a “forgetting curve” too. The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve shows the rate at which we forget information once we have been told it. This is a common thorn in the side of traditional training methods.

But this is not the case when using a DAP. More on this when we get to the Digital Adoption Platform advantages later.

Core components of the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

To understand the many Digital Adoption Platform advantages, we need to look at how the DAP actually works.

The DAP is an algorithmic layer. It is, essentially, a form of artificial intelligence (AI). More than that, it’s actually an example of machine learning. What does that mean? Well, let’s take Google as the example.

When Google was started, it used a formula that returned search results based on the term you entered. It still does this, but it also learns and comes to conclusions based on your previous search behavior to give you more relevant results.

In the same way, the DAP uses machine learning to provide a more personalized experience to the user. And it does it in real-time. As your employees are using their digital tool, the DAP offers them with help actually at the time of need.

So there’s no need to contact IT Support and cross your fingers for a fast response.

The final component of the DAP that’s worth mentioning here is automation. Think of all those mundane digital tasks that you need to perform. The DAP can learn what they are and auto-complete them for you.

The DAP is your friend! It’s the smart bot inside your digital tool, app, or software that helps you to use it — and use it well.  

4 obvious Digital Adoption Platform advantages for enterprises

1. AI allows businesses to complete tasks faster and/or cheaper

The DAP is an AI guide that processes user data and system data. It then makes decisions based on that data, which help the user to navigate the system easier and quicker.  

2. Machine learning improves the user experience (UX)

As more business systems are digitalized, employees are becoming overwhelmed by the multitude of platforms they must use.

The DAP improves the UX by walking users through the most efficient way to complete any given task. It learns the user’s behavior, understanding what and when guidance is needed.

3. Real-time guidance accelerates time to competency

The DAP’s real-time guidance virtually eliminates the learning and forgetting curves, because users get the information they need in the moment of “doing”.

This accelerates time to competency on complex digital systems.

4. Automation improves employee productivity by saving time

The DAP’s automation improves employee productivity because tasks can be auto-completed for the user.

With a system like Salesforce, for example, this means more time can be spent selling and building meaningful relationships with customers, rather than performing administrative tasks.

Why now is the time to get a DAP

Whether you’re a CIO or HR manager, you know the challenges of learning and adoption. So the above Digital Adoption Platform advantages should resonate well with you.

You probably also know the negative consequences of poor adoption.

  • Failed change programs
  • Poor productivity
  • Employee frustration
  • Poor digital ROI

So the stakes are high. And with so much riding on it, why leave adoption to chance?

The DAP will help your employees to adopt digital tools faster — and become experts in using them, resulting in transformational benefits across the business. To be honest, we think these Digital Adoption Platform advantages speak for themselves.

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