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How To Use A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

How To Use A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

Guess what. You already know how to succeed.

“Success requires CEOs to develop the right leadership capabilities, workforce skills, and corporate cultures to support digital transformation.” Pierre Nanterme

It’s that simple.

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But it’s not enough simply to offer digital tools. Your users need to adopt them to their fullest extent. This is where most organizations fall down.

Let’s imagine your organization is a bank. Or a utilities company. First you offered online accounts. Then the app. Now, the digital services you provide are some of the best in the industry.

Yet, you’re finding that customers are slow to adopt them. Or they don’t seem to be using them to their full capability. They’re probably not even aware of half the features. They really need to be shown how to use your digital tools well.

WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to simplify, improve, and fast-track the process of learning digital systems.  

Your goal is to train your customers how to use your products properly, as quickly as possible. Essentially, the DAP is your magic wand.

Nobody reads their emails anymore. And even if they do, they’ll forget the information within a week.

You need to reach and engage with your customers in a meaningful and effective way. Because once they master your digital tools, they’ll have a better customer experience and become advocates.

So, it’s time to start using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

Common barriers to successful digital adoption

These are some of the most common problems in digital adoption.

The pace of change

The digital world moves at such a rapid pace. With new tools and technologies coming onto the market all the time, it’s hard for users to keep up.

Resistance to change

Nobody likes change. Unless it’s their idea, people are reluctant to adopt new behaviors.

Whether employees or customers, people like to feel comfortable with what they’re doing. Change threatens that.

Focus on deployment not onboarding

All too often, we see businesses that focus on deployment of new technology, and forget about the adoption of it. People are just sort of expected to figure it out.

That’s not a strategic way to approach digital transformation.

Look back at Pierre Nanterme’s quote above. You need the right leadership, skills, and culture. These all relate to people, and their adoption of the technology.

Tips for Embedding #Change in your Team #Culture

1️⃣ Promote an agile approach to get everyone involved
2️⃣ Be responsive
3️⃣ Focus on execution

and put the right people and technologies in place#collaboration #digitaltransformation @WSWMUC

6 top tips for using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)

1. Choose a user-friendly DAP

This is really important. The power of the DAP lies in its ability to adapt quickly to new features and updates in your systems.

As the manager of the DAP, you want it to be easy to develop and maintain. Make sure you choose a digital adoption platform (DAP) that is flexible and easy to update.

2. Define your audience & objectives

Any project needs a strategy, and digital adoption is no exception.

Clearly defining your audience and objectives will help you to use your digital adoption platform (DAP) more effectively.

3. Be strategic and communicative

Strategy is important, and so is communication. You’ll find both are central components of most change management theories.

When people know there’s a plan in place, and they understand the end vision, they’re more willing to be directed. They want to know that help will be there when they need it. The best place to offer that help is actually within the tool they’re learning.

4. Consider what can be personalized

Deployment tends to focus on technology and not on training needs. Adults prefer a self-service approach to support and training.

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provides training support just-in-time, in context. Design a personalized experience for users, which pushes the right content to them at the right time. Give them exactly what they need for their particular goals.

5. Use the DAP with all systems

Even if you began using the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) to train customers. Extra value is unlocked when you use it across all business systems, so employees can benefit too.

Employees have to deal with so many third-party and customized applications these days. Using a DAP across all systems provides consistent support and improves employee productivity. Use the task-oriented help and streamlined workflows.

6. Review the DAP analytics

Godfather of the the DAP, WalkMe explains this tip best:

“The DAP gathers information on system usage by looking at how users interact with WalkMe and the underlying system, what paths they take and where errors occur to then identify important patterns and behaviors.

“WalkMe Insights reveals previously unknown obstacles and opportunities to guide and engage users. With this feedback, organizations can then use the DAP guidance and engagement tools, to remove these obstacles, seize opportunities and gain the most value of the digital assets.”

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is there to help you. Don’t be afraid of it. Follow these six tips to get the most out of it. And look forward to reaping the rewards it will bring.

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