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5 Businesses Loving Digital Adoption Platforms — And How They Can Work For You

Digital Adoption Platforms

What do Upwork, PayPal, and Cisco all have in common?

(Apart from raking in millions — or billions — in revenue last year.)

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What tools are they using? What are their secrets and processes? How have they got where they are today?

Cisco’s revenue in 2017 was reported as $48 billion. PayPal’s was $13.09 billion. And privately owned freelancer platform Upwork has a conservative estimate of $68.8 million in annual revenue.

Well, we can share with you at least one secret to their enormous success.

They all use Digital Adoption Platforms. In fact, they all use WalkMe.

Digital Adoption Platforms — what are they?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) help organizations achieve a state in which their digital tools are being used as intended, and to their fullest extent.

Digital Adoption Platforms are the latest innovation in organizational development. WalkMe, the “godfather” of Digital Adoption Platforms, pioneered the DAP for organizations to unlock the full potential of their digital assets.

The DAP uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and contextual learning. It works by adding a clever and responsive guidance layer to your organization’s existing digital tools.

The outcome is quicker digital literacy for all users.

What Digital Adoption Platforms can do for you

Big businesses are using Digital Adoption Platforms to manage organizational change. And also to onboard stakeholders to digital systems faster.

Digital Adoption Platforms solve the following common challenges of the digital era:

      • System onboarding: How do we accelerate time to competency?
      • Contextual Support: How can we shift from learning the process to executing it?
      • Updates and Releases: How do we keep pace with the speed of innovation?
    • Retraining: How do we effectively combat the forgetting curve?

5 organizations that love using Digital Adoption Platforms

We dug into WalkMe’s client portfolio for some examples. Here are five businesses already using — and loving — their Digital Adoption Platforms.

1. T-Mobile

“We have 26 core systems at T-Mobile… We designed our [DAP] user interface, so that we would have less reliance on training…

“We hire over 5000 people a year just in customer service, so it’s a big task we go through every year to train people. … So [the DAP] is a big part of our digital transformation.

“We’ve seen amazing levels of attrition reduced in our call centers and in our retail sales organizations. … We’re making the interactions easier for our representatives through technologies like WalkMe…in these complicated systems that are really hard to navigate.

“There’s not a better tool for us than WalkMe. … [The DAP] is part of our digital future.” Scott Tweedy, VP Strategic Transformation

2. HP

“One of our goals was to reduce the ramp up time for training a new customer. … There’s a certain amount of training they have to have before they can use operate the device by themselves.

“The faster we get through that, the cheaper it is for our service, and the faster the customer can start producing and be comfortable with it.

“We found that the ramp up was simplified, not only to shorten the ramp up duration, but also when the customer was done with the ramp up, their ability to be more efficient and effective using the product right away was greater.

“[The DAP] became a tool of innovation. … My team has been able to innovate things that we never would have even tried to look at before. The outcome is that my organization has developed a reputation for being the innovators.” Richard Gines, Manager for Workflow Worldwide Technical Services, HP Indigo

3. Royal Bank of Canada

“We can target and we can actually push messages for a period of time to get onboarded. When we launched [the DAP], we had changed our landing page. We provided our clients with a push for a week to identify key changes on that page.

“We found that the number of calls coming into our call center was dramatically reduced because we leveraged WalkMe as a change awareness [tool].” Tracey Metzger, Senior Manager RBC Express

4. Athena Health

“[The great thing about the DAP] is the idea of ‘in the moment training’, the performance support idea. Where, in the moment of need…I’m given that support right then. So I don’t have to call our support center, I don’t have to ask someone sitting next to me. … It takes me through the workflow and goes away.” Ted Henning, Director of Product Education

5. CenturyLink Business

“We have had a 31% decrease in the number of calls for support and that has greatly impacted our bottom line. It’s allowed us to take our training resources and support resources and move them to where they’re needed most.” Shelley Huber, Senior Lead Process Analyst

Does your organization yearn for innovation, fast digital literacy, and an improved bottom line? Then it’s time to look into Digital Adoption Platforms.

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