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Solving The User Experience Problem: How To Increase Employee Onboarding With DAP

How To Increase Employee Onboarding

Have you heard about Walmart? The multi-billion dollar company is using VR headsets to train its employees.

What digital innovations is your enterprise using to reach new heights?

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There have been some great technology developments to enter the world of business enterprise lately. We’re seeing more and more organizations successfully using technology to their advantage.

However, with these innovations come the inevitable “teething” problems associated with onboarding. It’s the nightmare of our age: quickly onboarding employees to digital tools so they can become productive.

But there are tools that can help. We’re going to explain how to increase employee onboarding with DAP (Digital Adoption Platform). But first, let’s take a closer look at the problem.

The user experience problem

Core business systems are becoming highly digitized and onboarding employees to them is therefore costly and time consuming. Enterprises can’t rely on a smart user interface (UI) to ensure successful adoption.

“While good UI can solve some of the friction points for early adopters, innovation often introduces new functionalities and mechanics that can throw some users off,” explains Virtual Strategy Magazine.

A user can feel a variety of emotions when faced with new technology. Frustration is a common theme. Lack of motivation is another.

Users can also feel confused as to the value the technology holds. Developers must realize that even the most user-friendly software will fail to be adopted if users don’t realize that it’s useful.

These friction points can have significant repercussions for employee engagement and retention.

Job hopping is a big problem for today’s enterprises and research by Gallup suggests the problem is likely to be engagement levels. A whopping 55% of millennials are not engaged in their work.

It’s really important that new hires are engaged from day one. Successful onboarding plays a valid role in getting the attention of new employees, making them feel valued, and ensuring they become productive quickly.

This is where the DAP comes in.

The DAP provides employees with guidance throughout the digital onboarding process. The result is that staff get to grips with enterprise applications faster and more effectively than through traditional training methods.

Even very intuitive applications benefit from in-platform guidance and walkthroughs of some sort. This is the secret behind how to increase employee onboarding with DAP.

How to increase employee onboarding with DAP

Employee onboarding is a breeze with a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

The pioneers of the DAP, WalkMe, state that, “using technology should be the way we overcome challenges, not the challenge itself.” This is the fundamental idea behind the DAP.  

The DAP can be applied to any digital platform or system and provides training to employees being onboarded, actually at the time of need.

Using AI and machine learning, the DAP learns individual user behavior and provides contextualized, personalized guidance. It’s a bit like having an experienced and dedicated software trainer assigned to each and every employee.    

This sort of real-time support is a great way to engage employees in the onboarding process and facilitate their transition into the workforce if they’re new.

With a DAP, employees don’t need to spend time away from their daily tasks to learn new software or applications. And training managers don’t need to roll out a logistically challenging onboarding program to multiple employees in different locations.

And the “forgetting curve”? You may as well forget about it, because it doesn’t exist when employees are getting bespoke help in real-time.

Understanding how to increase employee onboarding with DAP is as simple as trusting the algorithm to deliver on the goals you set within the UI.

The DAP’s administrative tool is where you can create, maintain, manage and deploy its interactive guidance components. The DAP can therefore be totally customized to fit your organizational needs.

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is “platform agnostic”. So you can create step by step instructions, workflows, or any other onboarding process for any platform.

The DAP also includes analytics, so you can see exactly where your employees are struggling. This helps you to improve your platforms and the onboarding process overall.

Employee onboarding can be as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Learning how to increase employee onboarding with DAP really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Choose a Digital Adoption Platform provider
  2. Set your goals and design your interface
  3. Monitor and improve

If better employee onboarding is one of your goals for 2019 and beyond, make the DAP your must-have tool.

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