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The Dark Side of The Digital Transformation: Must Aware

Despite the hype of digitizing lives, people are not thinking deeply about the sacrifices that society has to make in order to step into the digital era. You will discover the very important disadvantages of the digital revolution to consider and act.

Additionally, certain categories of the population deal with more harm in a digital world than advantages. Hence, it is important to bring along the balance.

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Don Tapscott, claimed in his book that signs point to a new economy in which wealth is even further concentrated. It includes basic rights like privacy are vanishing, and a spiral of violence and repression undermine basic security and freedoms.

Furthermore, pervasive data exists that indicates the usual social cloth is starting to disintegrate. Ancient laws, setups, norms, and approaches happen to be proving to get completely insufficient for life inside the new current economic climate.

The Dark Side of The Digital Transformation

In the present, it looks like a human has the worst of both worlds.

For instance, the strategic geopolitical competition offers re-emerged, nonetheless fragmentation, frailty and purple chaos “from below” continue.

Also, in conjunction with a serious uncertainness of worldwide governance, the brand new world buy is stymieing our capability to respond and adapt.

When using the Fourth Professional Revolution and it is the promise of technological improvement on various fronts concurrently, comes a dark certainty.

People are now also experiencing a rapid and massive democratization of the capacity to wreak havoc on a very large scale.

Beginning with the 3D-printed defenses to transmitted engineering in home laboratories, deadly tools across a range of emerging technologies are becoming more readily available.

Here are some issues that digital transformation could bring to humanity:

Unexpected Threats

With the rise of technology combination, technological fields are developing rapidly and new technological combinations are being invented faster than people caught up to.

Interactions Of High-Tech And Low-Tech

As demonstrated in Syria and Iraq, they combine with new techniques in ways that create challenging and unpredictable dynamics.

New Approach To Regulating Space

A few decades ago, only the United States and the Soviet Union could afford space programmers. However, dozens of countries have a presence in space, and more than half of all satellites are commercial.

As space play a role in future conflicts, concerns are growing that current mechanisms regulate space activities are no longer fit for purpose.

Autonomous Weapons

If robots fight robots, human will never again have strategically stable situations. Moreover, game theory suggests fighting robots need an adaptive and unpredictable strategy.

Discussions on such issues are just starting to happen.

Also, it is partly mainly because much technology is going on far away in the confines of inter-state conventions on disarmament, nonproliferation and humanitarian legislation.

Internet For Every Bumpy Side Of The World

Increased access to the internet promises to get significant financial opportunities.

However, it also creates new ways for significant numbers of desperate and underemployed young people to express anger at their sense of relative deprivation.

On the other hand, it creates opportunities for cultural collisions without the cultural mediation that human contact traditionally brings. Due to the power of the online world, ideas, and expressions get across the globe in nanoseconds, a long time before cultural variation.

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