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What Does Digital Adoption Platform Mean? Faster, Easier, More Effective Use Of Digital Tools

Is it hot in here?

If you work for a 50+ year old traditional enterprise, you’re probably feeling the heat.

Why? Because you’re falling behind.

Almost all (95%) startups already have digital business plans. But only 87% of traditional enterprises do.

Even scarier — more than half (55%) of all startups have already adopted a digital business strategy. Only 38% of traditional enterprises can say the same. (source: IDG 2018)

So you’re hot under the collar, but the burning question on your lips is, “what does Digital Adoption Platform mean?” This is a good thing. Asking this means you’re going in the right direction.

The term “Digital Adoption Platform” (DAP) was invented by WalkMe. It has since found its way into the lexicon of IT, HR, and change management.

Before we cover the DAP in detail, let’s talk about digital adoption.

What does digital adoption mean?

Digital adoption has been defined as:

“Achieving a state in which digital tools are being used as intended, and to their fullest extent.”

It’s about more than just functionality. WalkMe explains that digital adoption hasn’t occurred until “technology becomes second nature to its user.”

When it comes to digital adoption, there are two key audiences an organization needs to consider.

  1. Customers
  2. Employees

Some industries are leading the way in terms of the digital services they can provide to customers.

Healthcare, for example. It’s now possible to examine patients via video link. Banking is another example. Customers are able to manage their money effectively these days without ever visiting a teller.

Even the most technophobic enterprises have a website or app. And companies that supply their customers with digital equipment and products are constantly innovating to stay relevant and competitive.

Internally, perhaps digital progression has been slightly slower. Although, the amount of enterprise apps employees are having to use on a daily basis is reaching new highs.

(Bear with us, all this helps to answer the question, “what does digital adoption platform mean?”)

Digital overwhelm threatens to destroy employee morale and productivity. System updates, and rapid technology implementation that comes as part of the digital transformation journey, brings with it serious adoption challenges.

Adobe’s Future of Work Report 2016 shows that the vast majority of employees (81%) value state-of-the-art tech more than things like office amenities. However, when there’s no focus on adoption, employees become frustrated by technology, not uplifted by it.

Similarly, if customers have a poor user experience (UX) of your technology, they’re not going to think twice about switching.

So, what does Digital Adoption Platform mean?

WalkMe describes the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) as a “guidance layer that is added on top of any existing website, software, or online platform.”

The DAP is platform agnostic. This means it can be overlaid onto any digital tool or system. Whether it’s health equipment, a banking app, digital printing press, or enterprise software, the DAP can be added.

Essentially, the DAP aids user adoption of whatever tool it’s applied to. How does it do that? By improving the user experience (UX) of that tool.

The DAP provides a better user experience

Ok, what does Digital Adoption Platform mean in terms of user experience? Well, imagine you had a complex piece of machinery in front of you. And you had no idea how to use it.

The user interface has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, but you don’t know where everything is. You were shown in a training session a week ago, but it’s hard to remember all that now.

The user manual you’ve been provided with is massive and you’re not convinced it’s completely up-to-date with the latest machinery software. If only you had somebody there with you to walk you through the tasks you need to complete.

That’s exactly what the DAP does. And it vastly improves your UX of the machine because you have that guidance.       

“The layer simplifies the user experience and guides users to task completion with on-screen Walk-Thrus. These dynamic step-by-step instructions streamline software implementation on any other online platform.”


This means you can become a productive and effective user of whatever digital tool you’re given virtually straight away.

The DAP uses:

  • AI and machine learning to learn user behavior
  • Automation to auto-complete regular tasks
  • Insights to highlight user issues and suggest software improvements
  • Real-time, contextualized guidance to eliminate the “forgetting curve”

“Training tools with contextual learning capabilities have algorithms that analyze context-sensitive factors, such as the actions the user is taking, their position in the company, the goals of the department, and even the time of day to provide tailored support.”


All this dramatically improves the UX and therefore increases the speed of new technology adoption within your organization.

So, what does Digital Adoption Platform mean? It means acceleration. Simplification. Better UX. More productive employees and happier customers. It’s the most important element in turning your digital tools into digital assets.

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