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Why New Technology Has An Adoption Problem

Several companies are employing technology to reduce order fulfillment inefficiencies and determine other operational difficulties related to standard methods. However, most of them are still in the middle of a development period, which is normal among new technology adopters.

Even they are already seeing measurable efficiency gains from new systems, a convoluted mixture of old and new processes are still causes some problems. Furthermore, it prevents these companies from realizing the full potential of their technology investments.

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Here is the reason why new technology has an adoption problem

Old Habits Are Difficult To Die

For most corporations, adopting new technology is the reality of implementation and behavior that change in important initial role. A new survey claims that many companies are having a hard time to complete adoption of their new technologies that created to exclude the old system.

However, the dilemma with order system is that it does everything by email. Even orders from a customer with these methods need to re-enter into old systems by staff.  Therefore, it created low quality and delay order process. It also negatively influence the shipping activities and order accuracy.

Encourage Technology Adoption In Step By Step

 Feature Simplicity

It is crucial for any new software to have a simple and user-friendly interface. It may seem obvious. However, if the employees or customers have to work to figure out how to use something that is supposed to make their lives easier, it is already a failure.

Actively Involve Stakeholders In The Decision-Making Process

When leaders are making these decisions, actively involve the people who are using and benefitting from the technology. For example, leaders might want their sales representative to try making an order with software and ask for feedback.

Moreover, the director needs to combine their retailers on the front point by suggesting about their ideal online ordering experience. Additionally, find a core group of the most trusted customers and involve them.

Also, make sure the stakeholders throughout the company understand the efficiency gains. These are all ways to get buy-in and support once leaders fully implement.

Plant Seeds Early On

The best way to do this is to make sales agent comprehend that a new order writing method is coming down to the organization. In this way, tell your retailers that they are able to place orders with you online.

 Use Others Experiences To Your Advantage.

Never underestimate the power of success stories in getting buy-in. Find an excellent sales rep who is making more money now that they are using order writing software and digital catalogs. Then tell the other reps about him or her to get them to switch over.


Sometimes, providing a 10 percent discount for a retailer to place their first order through the B2B eCommerce portal is the key. It could also get is what it takes to have the deed done.

Leaders should hold contests to see which of the sales reps can write the fastest order with the new order writing software. It will encourage everyone to learn the system.

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