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Is business process automation software worth the investment?

business process automation software

What is business process automation software? (BPA)

Business process automation software or BPA allows for the automation of business processes and operations by replacing manual efforts with automated tasks and advanced technologies to reach a certain business goal. 

What are the Benefits of Business Process Automation Software?

There are several benefits that a business process automation software can provide to a business. 

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  1. Increased productivity
  2. Improved efficiency
  3. Enhanced data accuracy
  4. Reduced costs
  5. Simplified data and document management 
  6. Increased employee satisfaction
  7. Effective customer service

Is Business Process Automation Software Worth the Investment?

Business process automation software is a strategy used to build, analyze, and optimize business operations to achieve strategic goals. The automation of business processes is believed to be an instrumental innovation towards achieving digital transformation.

It gives the users more clarity and confidence because of the precision that comes with automation and every detail of the process being recorded. BPA also standardizes operations making them more reliable which, in turn, helps to meet customer expectations.

For businesses that have to face an overflow of time-critical tasks, require a large workforce to complete those tasks, and must maintain audit trails and compliance, BPA software is worth it. Automating tasks will boost productivity by reducing the workload substantially.  

Open-Source Business Process Automation Software 

Many innovative companies offer open-source BPA software for businesses.

Adobe LiveCycle is an advanced forms and document platform that helps its users to process information, deliver personalized and effective communication, secure sensitive details, and minimize process costs. Adobe LiveCycle makes managing assets and processes effortless. 

Alfresco Process Services is a business process management solution that is open, modern, and secure. It manages an expansive range of critical processes with its efficient set of tools and systems like Step Editor, Alfresco Content Services, and Google Drive.

Red Hat Process Automation Manager is an app development platform that offers a modern user experience via a powerful engine, along with business process mapping, event configuration, and resource optimization. 

ProcessMaker is an open-source BPA platform that lets the users access its tools on the web and build digital forms for workflow mapping. Its features make it easy to manage and coordinate tasks between team members.

Business Process Automation Examples

  1. Employee Onboarding – The process of hiring employees is a tedious procedure. There are multiple tasks involved. With Business Automation Software, the employee onboarding process becomes smooth, efficient, and saves time and resources. 
  2. Data Integration – All of our work within software creates heaps of data every day. Business process automation allows for efficient data management which, in turn, makes the business more productive. Automated data integration also reduces the chances of errors, helps a business make informed decisions, and maintains data quality. 
  3. Document Management – Business process automation software enables users to move documents between folders and applications without any hassle. It also ensures the secure transfer of documents with secure file transfer protocols (SFTP and FTPS).
  4. Back-Office Processes – Automation of back-office processes helps a business boost employee productivity, improve customer satisfaction, ensure data security, and reduce operational costs.

Robotic Process Automation Software

Robotic process automation (RPA) is used to develop, deploy, and manage software bots that perform business processes. These bots that are created observe and learn from human actions and perform tasks faster and with extreme precision. RPA software is used in several industries like insurance, healthcare, banking, the public sector, manufacturing, life sciences, and more. 

Business Process Automation Software Vendors

  1. Zoho is a low-code-powered business process automation software that uses multiple applications to automate processes. It helps with streamlining complex operations, simplifying workflows, keeping records, data manipulation, and more. It provides customer support to its users through all mediums, supports more than 23 languages, and offers its users numerous features like CRM automation, process management, marketing automation, performance analytics, and more.
  2. Kissflow is a BPA platform that offers tailor-made and intuitive solutions for a smooth workflow. It’s no code software takes less time to set up and runs seamlessly without any supervision.
  3. Nintex is another powerful yet simple to use code-free process management software. It allows you to identify the processes that need automation and automate them through digitized forms, standardized workflows, RPA bots, and automated documentation and eSignatures.
  4. Quickbase is a BPA software that provides customizable workflow software to its users to complete tasks on time and free from error. It allows the users to control the system with features like drag-and-drop, set-up schedules, enterprise-grade security, real-time integration of systems, and more.

The Future of Business Process Automation Software

Business process automation software and solutions are a big step towards digital transformation and have now become an essential part of businesses. Every day, processes are being automated in abundance across different industries, making jobs and business procedures easier to handle with efficiency. The future with automated business processes will be productive and safer and business process automation software will make sure of that.

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