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Customer Care With DAP: Giving Enterprises A Chance To Deliver Fantastic Customer Service, Care, And Experience

Customer Care With DAP

Pick a word, then put the word “customer” in front of it and you’re guaranteed to have a business priority on your hands.

Customer care, customer service, and customer experience — if a company excels in these areas, it’s likely to be profitable for years to come.

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This is the principle behind the idea of customer care with DAP.

Customer care the stepping stone to enterprise success

So, what is customer care?

Blake Morgan believes that customer care is a step beyond customer service. She says it does this “by building an emotional connection.” This is critical because customer care is more than just answering their queries.

Customer care happens when the customer service representative empathizes with the customer and understands their needs on a deep level. The customer rep is able to anticipate customer wants and make suggestions to solve their specific pain points.

Some statistics enterprises should consider:

  • Companies lost $75 billion in 2017 because they delivered poor customer care
  • 67% of customers have become “serial switchers” when the incumbent brand failed to make an emotional connection with them

If enterprises provide good customer care:

  • 66% of customers would be more loyal
  • 67% would recommend the company
  • Roughly half (48%) would spend more money

What about customer service?

In order to increase customer satisfaction, we have to provide answers to customer questions. Representatives need to provide the right answers for the customer, help them troubleshoot problems, and share usage best practice. This is customer service.

And customer experience (CX)?

Today’s enterprises are obsessed with the customer experience — and so they should be.

“Today increasingly we’re seeing research that companies that invest in customer experience boast a higher stock price.”

Blake Morgan,Forbes

The customer experience begins with their first interaction with the business. Maybe they buy something. The customer’s questions about the product are answered. Maybe they experience a problem with it and contact the customer service team.

Finally, the customer representative makes an emotional connection and customer care has just happened. It might surprise you to know that all this can be achieved through customer care with DAP.

Overworked customer support centers

The attrition rate for call center employees in 2015 was 30-45%. This is triple the rate of other industries. Why do these employees get so burned out?

Sheer volumes of calls is a major cause for concern.

Enterprises are constantly threatened by the burden of call center employee churn and huge staffing costs. This enormous burden is lifted when companies tackle customer care with DAP.

The solution: customer care with DAP

Modern technology’s answer to solving all of the above mentioned CX problems is for companies to do customer care with DAP.

How the DAP works

DAP stands for Digital Adoption Platform. Since the majority of the customer experience is now online, the better a customer is able to adopt an enterprise’s digital tools, the greater their customer satisfaction will be.

Not only that, but with customer service call centres so overburdened, it makes sense for enterprises to solve customer queries online instead of over the phone.

The evolution of AI and chatbots has made this infinitely easier. But generally speaking chatbots fail to generate the emotional connection that is so essential to good customer care.

The DAP, however, provides personalized care to customers. It uses advanced machine learning and predictive technology to understand and anticipate customer problems.  

When applied to a company website or app, the DAP can provide contextualized support to customers using these digital tools. It helps them to find the answers they’re looking for, navigate the digital systems, and perform tasks.

By implementing the DAP, companies can slash call center expenses and reduce their number of support tickets. Not only does this meet customer demands and alleviate their frustration, it also positively impacts the bottom line.

The DAP:

  • Reduces support tickets
  • Optimizes customer representative efficiency
  • Promotes customer self-support by guiding them in real-time
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Ends negative customer service experiences and customer confusion
  • Anticipates customer issues and offers suggestions to solve these problems
  • Reduces call centre stress and attrition rate


There is a crisis in customer care for modern companies.

Million and millions of dollars are being lost because companies are providing poor customer service, care, and experience.

Call centres are drowning in support calls. Employees are leaving because the stress is too much. Customers are switching because they’re not getting the personalization and emotional connection they crave.

The CX for many traditional enterprises is in dire straits.

But companies are already showing that technology can provide a solution to these problems. Doing customer care with DAP can reverse the disturbing CX trends of today’s marketplace.

Finally, enterprises are being given the opportunity to be known as brands who offer extraordinary customer care.

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