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4 Clear Signs There’s A Serious Digital Adoption Platform Need Within Your Enterprise

The likeliest thing to derail your enterprise in today’s digital revolution is poor adoption.

You suspect this to be the case, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

It doesn’t matter whether your users are employees or customers, or both. Successful adoption is of the utmost importance if enterprises want:

  • Productive employees
  • Happy customers
  • Good business performance

But the road to true adoption doesn’t always run smooth. In fact, there are plenty of stories of organizations spending millions on shiny new platforms without seeing any of the benefits of adoption.

There’s a major Digital Adoption Platform need within enterprises. Is yours one of them?

What is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)?

The Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) was pioneered by WalkMe. It’s an algorithmic layer that can be overlaid onto any digital tool, system, or application.

The DAP provides contextual guidance in how to use that particular system, actually at the time of need.

The DAP uses AI and machine learning to understand the user and their behavior. This means it can provide a bespoke experience to each person. It’s essentially personalized training, without the need for human intervention.

The DAP also acts as a personal assistant, automating regular tasks for the user, thereby improving their productivity.

The Insights section of the DAP provides data and suggestions about how the platform is being used, where people are struggling, and how it can be improved.

4 reasons why there’s a Digital Adoption Platform need within your business

1. The heavy burden of employee training

Training employees is a huge cost for enterprises. Take T-Mobile, for instance. They hire more than 5000 people every year just in customer service. And we understand that they have 26 core systems on which to train their staff.

Does this sound like you? Are you spending thousands, or millions, on employee training? Have you got a global workforce? Are you constantly having to update training materials?

It’s a common problem and indicative of a Digital Adoption Platform need.

With a DAP, there’s no worrying over when and how training is to be completed. The guidance is there within the DAP, overlaid onto whatever digital tool your employees need to learn. So the learning and forgetting curves of traditional training are eliminated.

2. For better customer experience (CX) and service

Every business wants to improve their customer experience (CX). Why? Because it directly impacts the path to purchase.

Since much of the CX today takes place online, whether through an enterprise app or website, it’s important that customers know what they’re doing using those digital tools.

The DAP can provide the sort of real-time, personalized guidance customers need to nurture them through the sales funnel.

Plus, if yours is an enterprise that actually sells digital tools or equipment, the DAP can accelerate and facilitate the learning process of using your products. These sorts of businesses definitely have a Digital Adoption Platform need.

The faster customers get up to speed, the quicker they can become productive and profitable using your tools, which will make them happy customers.

3. Your support centres are snowed under

There is an obvious Digital Adoption Platform need in any enterprises taking a large number of support centre calls.

As a result of using the DAP, Athena Health, Centurylink Business, T-Mobile, and Royal Bank of Canada have all reported lower volumes of calls. Of course, this has a positive impact on the bottom line.  

“We have had a 31% decrease in the number of calls for support and that has greatly impacted our bottom line. It’s allowed us to take our training resources…and move them to where they’re needed most.”
Shelley Huber, Senior Lead Process Analyst

4. To communicate change

How fast is the business world moving today… Things are changing all the time, particularly when it comes to your digital tools.

Every time something changes, you need to communicate that change. Maybe there’s a new feature, a navigation change, or limited time offer. These changes won’t be adopted successfully unless your users are aware of them.

When there was an update to the Royal Bank of Canada’s landing page, they used the DAP as a change awareness tool.

“We provided our clients with a push for a week to identify key changes on that page.

“We found that the number of calls coming into our call center was dramatically reduced because we leveraged WalkMe as a change awareness [tool].”

Tracey Metzger, Senior Manager RBC Express

So if any of these common scenarios sound familiar, there’s clearly a Digital Adoption Platform need within your business. It’s time to place your trust in the DAP.

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