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Gartner Introduces the Digital Adoption Solution (DAS)

Digital Adoption Solution (das)

Gartner’s new report, “Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions,” introduced the Digital Adoption Solution (DAS). This is a new category of technology aimed at streamlining digital adoption.

In this article, we’ll explore this topic in more detail, learning:

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  • What the DAS is and how it helps organizations adopt, deploy, and train new technology
  • The benefits of specific DAS tools, such as the WalkMe platform
  • Specific use cases

Let’s get started by looking at why Gartner created the category in the first place.

What Is Gartner’s Digital Adoption Solution (DAS)?

The category, Digital Adoption Solution (DAS), named specific adoption tools such as WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP).

The WalkMe tool, covered below, reduces complexity for today’s modern, digital organizations.

To better understand why the DAS category was created, let’s look at the context of today’s digital work environment.

  • Digital technology is advancing at a mind-boggling pace. Companies are struggling to keep up, and investments in digital transformation are soaring.
  • Companies are struggling to keep up. According to McKinsey, digital disruption is upsetting industry after industry, and organizations are having a hard time keeping pace.
  • Digital adoption has become a must. Organizations that fail to adopt will only stagnate. And, in an increasingly competitive world, unchecked stagnation can lead to unfortunate results further down the line.
  • Constant training is a must. However, given the speed of digital change today, traditional training doesn’t cut it. This has resulted in a global skills crisis.
  • There is an ongoing battle for user acquisition. And, all the while, customers are becoming more finicky, picky, and fickle about their experiences.

These reasons should help set the context for why digital transformation has become such a driving force in the economy.

Forward-thinking organizations have put digital adoption and transformation at the top of their agenda.

However, as mentioned, digital transformation poses significant challenges.

Employees and organizations alike are faced with obstacles to effective adoption, such as:

  • Lack of time. Employees are already busy, so finding the time to learn new software – at least with traditional training techniques – can be very challenging.
  • Lack of motivation. Continuous learning can cause fatigue, which is why contextualized micro-learning has emerged (see below).
  • Complexity. Today’s employees use many digital tools during their daily workflow, which can overload workers, hurt productivity, and decrease morale.

These are just a few examples of the difficulties faced in today’s modern workplace.

And these are the same problems that the DAS addresses.

How the DAS Can Transform Your Organization

Gartner’s identification of this category validates the vision of digital transformation pioneers such as WalkMe.

WalkMe’s DAS – or DAP – is a modern, cutting-edge solution to worldwide technology training problems.

The WalkMe platform offers critical digital adoption features, by:

  • Offering in-app guidance and tutorials
  • Analyzing user behavior and identifies sticking points
  • Working with any application or system
  • Reducing learning curves and decreasing time-to-competency

These features dramatically help with key stages of digital transformation programs, such as:

  • In-app training and education
  • Employee and customer onboarding
  • Task automation and augmentation

Here are a few ways you can benefit from applying a DAS:

Streamline Customer Adoption and Acquisition

Platforms such as WalkMe are invaluable during digital transformation programs.

However, they can also dramatically improve KPIs during customer onboarding, adoption, and acquisition.

By reducing the friction of digital training – and speeding up learning – the DAS can streamline customer acquisition.

Close the Digital Skills Gap

Today, we are suffering through a digital skills crisis.

This skills gap affects every business that uses digital technology

It places large burdens on HR, training departments, and the business as a whole. 

Implementing a DAS can lift that burden by automating training and reducing onboarding time.

Friction and frustration drop, making employees more productive, faster.

In a world where digital skills directly impact the top and bottom lines, DASs are becoming essential tools for success.

Don’t Become Victims of Digital Disruption

Digital disruption has overturned entire industries.

Acquisition, mergers, and bankruptcy have become the norm, even among Fortune 500 companies.

However, according to the World Economic Forum, digital disruption has only just begun.

In this disruptive climate, digital transformation and adoption are necessities.

A DAS can make your adoption process seamless, streamlined, and efficient.

In turn, your transformation efforts will stand a greater chance of success in tomorrow’s competitive business climate.

Become Leaner, More Agile, and More Productive

Even if you aren’t worried about competitive pressure, a DAS just makes economic sense.

Platforms such as the WalkMe DAS help companies cut costs, timelines, and learning curves.

These benefits, in turn, can help an organization become more lean, agile, and productive.

Any organization that wants to become more profitable, therefore, should take a close look at the digital transformation uses cases of a DAS.

Final Thoughts

The DAS has finally hit mainstream, and for good reason.

In a work world where digital transformation is ubiquitous, organizations need to bring users up to speed – fast.

Implementing a DAS such as the WalkMe platform helps companies do just that.

By making technology adoption seamless, efficient, and effective, the DAS makes digital transformation more enjoyable for users … and more profitable for enterprises.

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