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Adapt & Adopt To Survive: Digital Adoption — The Secret To Thriving In Business

Digital Adoption post

“Digital adoption is the single most important factor for a digital tool to become a digital asset.

“Organizations spend millions on digital tools hoping to improve performance and generate revenue, but without digital adoption, they are unlikely to see a positive return on their investment.” WalkMe

When we talk about digital adoption, we mean “achieving a state in which digital tools are being used as intended, and to their fullest extent.”

So, that’s what we’re talking about. But who is it that needs to adopt and use these digital tools?

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There are two main audiences for digital adoption:

    1. Customers
  1. Employees

Digital adoption for customers

Businesses are providing, and customers are demanding, more and more services digitally.

We can shop online, bank online, study online, pay our taxes, sign documents; in fact, nowadays, there is very little that cannot be done digitally.

If you are a bank, you want your customers to feel comfortable using mobile and online banking. Because it reduces the burden on customer service operatives and bank tellers.

Similarly, if you are an education provider, you want your students to be happy to pay their fees and submit assignments online. It saves queues outside the office door, and ultimately, money.

Digital adoption for employees

Organizations have already digitized many back-end processes. Salesforce does the CRM, Kronos is for HR, Sharepoint for file sharing, Asana handles project management — the list goes on.

What happens is this. New hires receive training and are expected to master multiple software platforms, each of which has a different look and feel.

But commonly, employees don’t need to use all of these platforms, all of the time. So by the time they get around to submitting an annual leave request, their training is forgotten.

This might sound like a small thing, but consider the other scenarios that could be posing barriers to employee efficiency.

Remember, productivity is key to business growth. Your organization’s success effectively rests on employees’ ability to use digital tools  — “as intended, and to their fullest extent.”

Survival of the quickest

“[Digital adoption] is not the result of a single software implementation. It’s not even the product of a new digital business model. It’s about synchronizing the human factor and the technology factor so that digital tools fulfill users’ needs.” WalkMe

The rapid adoption of technologies that allow organizations to keep pace with the digital world is critical. But it takes time for this adoption to occur.

It takes time to train individuals how to use the new digital tool. It takes time to take their questions and deliver helpful responses. It takes time to adapt training to suit their needs. And it takes time for new behaviors to replace old ones.

But using a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) takes care of all that.

How does a DAP help organizations to adapt?

WalkMe invented the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), which simplifies and accelerates the process of adopting digital systems.

The DAP features a guidance layer, which can applied to existing websites, systems, and platforms. It then guides users in how to use that tool. It learns and anticipates their behavior, and gives users the information they need, when they need it.

This real-time guidance obliterates “the forgetting curve”. It ensures that people can adopt new digital tools quickly.

Homo sapiens outlived neanderthals by keeping pace with their developing world. Here we are, millennia later, and the same rules apply. The businesses that adopt digital tools and adapt to this digital world, fast, will win the day.

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