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Which Digital Adoption Tools Are Right For You? Here Are 3 Of The Best

Digital Adoption Tools

What if we told you that there is one thing every business needs in order to be successful…

And it’s something any business can have.

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No, we’re not talking about digital adoption tools. We’ll get to that later. It’s something much simpler.

You might have read about it in Forbes back in 2013.

“Urgency is the one thing that drives projects forward quickly.”

Contributor Siimon Reynolds called it urgency. But we think immediacy covers what we mean much better in 2018.

Immediacy is an inherently digital quality. Emails are immediate. Messaging is immediate. Search engine results are immediate.

The business world has become more immediate; in its marketing, in its delivery, and in its customer service.

This is all thanks to technological innovation.

Technology allows businesses to send marketing messages to its audiences right at the point that they show interest. It enables products and services to get to customers faster than ever. And responses to queries to be delivered instantly.

But some things still take time.

The irony is that digitization is what brought immediacy to the business world. And yet the adoption of digital tools is an awkward and lengthy process.

That is why you need digital adoption tools.

What are digital adoption tools?

Digital adoption is essentially a learning process. It’s defined as the act of “achieving a state in which digital tools are being used as intended, and to their fullest extent.”

Digital adoption tools help the process of digital adoption along. They allow people to learn how to use digital tools capably, faster, and more effectively. They’re an integral part of an organization’s digital transformation.

When it comes to getting employees or customers up to speed with digital systems, there is no more important tool.

What digital adoption tools are there?

When it comes to choosing digital adoption tools, there are three that really stand out.

    1. Interactive Video
    1. Digital Adoption Platform
  1. Digital Dividends Diagnostic

1. Interactive Video

Interactive video can be a really useful tool for digital adoption.

HiHaHo makes interactive video. In fact, they were recently awarded 69th spot in the Jane Hart Top 200 Learning Tools.

Their product is based on the following idea:

“Videos tend to be a passive experience. Great for entertainment. Not so great for, let’s say, learning. Why not make the video interactive?” HiHaHo

HiHaHo is all about education. So they offer an array of features to help customers make interactive videos that are perfect for online learning. This also makes them useful digital adoption tools.

“From tutoring the kid next door to teaching procedural steps to your company’s employees; the possibilities stretch as far as your imagination can go. By combining both the visual and theoretical aspect of learning with interactions, teaching and learning become even easier.” HiHaHo

2. Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe pioneered the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). The aim was to simplify and accelerate the learning process of digital systems.

The DAP uses insights, engagement, guidance capabilities, and automation to walk users through performing a task. It delivers help to users in a bespoke and efficient way.

Let’s say your users (employees or customers) are learning a new system. They may not know there are alternative options within that system to achieve their goal.

The DAP gives them strategic information in the context of their immediate experience. The guidance layer trains users with Walk-Thrus, Launchers and TeachMes. These all provide dynamic and immediate step-by-step instructions.

There’s that word again. Immediate.

The information is provided exactly at the time of need, so the “forgetting curve” of traditional training is obliterated.

3. Digital Dividends Diagnostic

New research from Accenture approaches digital adoption from an external vantage point. Their Digital Dividends Diagnostic tool helps clients derive maximum value from their adoption of digital technologies.

This in turn powers profitable growth.

Accenture’s tool produces value-trigger scores. These scores enable an enterprise to bridge value-gaps in the context of technologies adopted.

Raghav Narsalay, a managing director at Accenture Research, led the research. He said:

“The Digital Dividends Diagnostic we developed as part of our research takes the guesswork out of where the roadblocks to technology adoption might be and provides a clear understanding of what you will need to do to manage the implementation of the technology.” Business Wire

Accenture’s previous ‘Combine and Conquer’ research investigated key obstacles to business transformation. Nearly half the executives agreed an obstacle was combining rapidly evolving digital technologies.

Narsalay says this tool should “help ease their implementation concerns.”

So, whether your organization is small, medium, or large, digital adoption tools are necessary. Choose one in line with your strategy. Or use several together to enhance your enterprise’s digital adoption.

The approach you go for is up to you. But one thing’s for sure: it must be immediate.

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