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5 Reasons Why You Need To Bring The Digital Adoption World To Work

Digital Adoption World

Do you know what employees value?

It’s technology, according to Adobe’s Future of Work Report 2016. Their data shows that state-of-the-art tech is more important to employees (81% of respondents) than things like office amenities.

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Employees want to experience the same sort of digital progress at work as they do in their personal lives. Technology is meant to make life easier. But in the workplace, this is not always the case.

Frequent system updates and software changes can leave employees frustrated and unmotivated. Every time a change occurs, it needs to be adopted by staff fast otherwise performance suffers.

It’s the successful adoption of digital tools that turns them into assets. It’s what allows employees to be productive and efficient — even creative.

Business leaders need to bring the digital adoption world into the workplace.

For enterprises, this is a mammoth undertaking. It will probably require a massive cultural as well as systems overhaul. But it’s critical in implementing a tech-forward approach.  

84% of companies are currently failing in this regard. They need to prioritize digital adoption in order to improve their chances of transformation.

Why the corporate world needs the digital adoption world

The digital revolution brings new software and enterprise apps to the corporate world every day. But many enterprises just aren’t achieving ROI on their implementations.

We hear stories about enterprises that roll out new technology more out of panic than planning. The technology is the driver for change, not the end users.

This is wrong.

Digital adoption is about understanding where employee performance is suffering and building out solutions to overcome the problems.

Regardless of the department, application, or process, digital adoption targets areas of weakness within the business and provides strategic technology help.

In a nutshell, technology per se is not the key to business in the digital revolution. Adoption is.

Rephael Sweary, an expert and commentator on the digital adoption world, says:

“[Digitization] efforts are in vain if your employees don’t adequately engage and adopt these technologies.”  

5 signs you need to bring the magic of the digital adoption world to your enterprise

  1. You need to drive digital transformation
  2. You want to improve employee performance
  3. Your employees need a morale boost
  4. You’re responsible for innovation
  5. You need to achieve digital ROI

1. Driving digital transformation

John Chambers, Cisco Exec Chairman, predicts that 40% of businesses will die within 10 years. That’s unless they can change their company’s makeup to accommodate new technologies.

Business leaders know they need to prioritize digital in order to survive. But many are yet to make the connection between adoption and transformation.

Without successful adoption, your enterprise’s digital transformation efforts will fail.

“The future of business favors tech-heavy processes, and businesses that fail to adapt to the digital world will fall behind.”

Manish Dudharejia,

2. Improving employee performance

The goal of digital adoption is to target inefficiencies and improve performance by turning digital tools into assets.

Influencers in the digital adoption world are already streamlining their operations by standardizing work and software across their company. They’ve reduced delays and tech support queries by monitoring and improving adoption.

When new technology is rolled out, they’re focused on its users. That’s how to improve employee performance and win in the digital revolution.

3. Boosting morale

Seamless digital adoption has a positive effect on morale.

Adobe’s research shows that workers who consider their company’s tech as “ahead of the curve” are twice as motivated. And they feel valued.

Happy employees are also more productive (see SMF’s research Happiness and productivity: Understanding the happy-productive worker).

How do you want your workforce to feel? Frustrated and emotionally drained, or equipped, driven, and appreciated?

4. To innovate

Enterprises that create a culture of technological innovation and progress become more innovative.

HP is a good example. They use a DAP to speed up customer training. Richard Gines, Manager for Workflow Worldwide Technical Services at HP Indigo explains the added benefits they’ve experienced as a result:

“[The DAP] became a tool of innovation. … My team has been able to innovate things that we never would have even tried to look at before. The outcome is that my organization has developed a reputation for being the innovators.”

5. Ensuring digital ROI

It’s essential that organizations allocate sufficient resources to digital adoption. There’s no point spending thousands or millions on snazzy technology if nobody uses it properly.

The benefits of technology occur when it’s being used as intended and to its fullest capability. That’s the definition of digital adoption.

These are the 5 critical reasons why it’s up to you to bring the digital adoption world into your enterprise — and soon.

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