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The Digital Engagement Manager FAQ

In this digital engagement manager FAQ, we will learn all of the basics when it comes to this modern job role.

Whether you are looking to hire a digital engagement manager – or become one – this FAQ can answer your most important questions.

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Let’s start off with the most basic question of all…

What is engagement?

Engagement is a term that refers to how actively and enthusiastically a person uses a product or service.

In the business world, there are two use cases that tend to dominate:

  • Customer engagement
  • Employee engagement

Digital engagement managers can be concerned with either area.

But for the majority of cases, customer engagement is the main focus.

Customer engagement matters for organizations because it affects other important metrics, such as:

  • Retention
  • Satisfaction
  • Revenue

And employee engagement matters because it can affect:

Digital engagement is a term that can be applied to either employees or customers.

However, as we will see, “digital engagement managers” predominantly work with customers, not employees.

What does a digital engagement manager do?

Digital engagement managers typically work with an organization’s customers in order to maximize engagement.

However, the exact duties of this job can vary from position to position.

Different organizations will use this same job title to describe positions that focus on:

  • Digital marketing 
  • Sales
  • Managing client-side projects

Although all of these positions are concerned with engagement at a certain level, they clearly have different emphases and skill requirements.

Why hire a digital engagement manager?

An organization should hire a digital engagement manager if they want to…

  • Improve customer engagement
  • Optimize the customer experience
  • Improve customer engagement metrics
  • Increase customer revenue and customer growth

As mentioned above, engagement impacts all of these areas.

So if a company assesses their current customer pipeline and concludes that engagement can generate positive results, then it may be time to hire a digital engagement manager.

What should hiring managers look for in a digital engagement manager?

For the most part, digital engagement managers interact with customers directly, or they manage those interactions digitally.

In many cases, for instance, digital engagement managers work in the marketing department or the sales department.

Naturally, the exact job skills will vary depending on the position’s function, but should include traits such as:

  • Digital marketing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Data skills

It is also helpful, of course, to have a strong interest in these areas and a background in customer experience management.

Which organizations need a digital engagement manager?

Organizations need a digital engagement manager if they:

  • Have a large online presence and need to manage their digital marketing channels
  • Want to improve customer onboarding and engagement metrics
  • Need account managers to interact with customers through long sales cycles or product implementation cycles

The digital engagement manager job title, as mentioned, is quite general and can encompass a variety of job functions.

For that reason, there are other job titles that cover the same territory.

What are some other jobs that perform the same duties as digital engagement managers?

There are several jobs that focus on customer engagement, such as:

  • Customer engagement specialists or managers
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Account managers 
  • Sales representatives
  • Product managers
  • Digital experience managers
  • Customer experience managers

Employees looking for a digital engagement manager position would do well to expand their search to include terms such as these.

What does a typical career pathway look like?

As with many of the other jobs covered above, the digital engagement manager position is relatively new.

So there is not necessarily a typical career pathway that one can follow if they are interested in this position – especially since the exact duties can vary so greatly from company to company.

However, the majority of digital engagement jobs tend to revolve around digital marketing and sales.

Therefore, anyone interested in this role could pursue:

  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • User experience design
  • Advertising
  • Project management
  • Sales

Most digital engagement manager positions tend to revolve around skill sets such as these.

And, since these are manager positions, it would also be advisable to cultivate management skills, such as:

  • Communications skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Project management skills

In most cases, job seekers should invest more in their area of interest and less in a particular job title.

After all, this job title may change completely in the years to come.

Where can one go for more information?

For more information about digital engagement, visit websites such as:

The best place to start, though, is by visiting our digital adoption blog, which explores digital engagement, the customer experience, and much more.

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