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What is Digital Organization and How to Build One

Digital Organization

One misconception about digital organizations is that hiring a digital officer makes your organization digital. Instead, becoming a digital organization involves being efficient, responsive, and open. 

Additionally, what makes an organization digital is when its workforce is equipped to work digitally. Every aspect of the organization, including marketing and sales, is affected by digital transformation.

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Every organization must set itself up for digital transformation. Organizations that seek to lead their industry must employ the latest digital trends while having digital strategies.

Thankfully, this article delves deep into what a digital organization is, its structure, and examples. We compare traditional organizations and digital ones while seeing which has more relevance. In addition to this, we discuss the benefits of an organization going digital. 

Digital Organization: What It Is and Examples

Thanks to digital transformation, the world is no longer how it used to be decades ago. Several technological innovations and the versatility of smartphones have, in a way, influenced the communication between organizations and their audience. In the same vein, no industry hasn’t been influenced by digitalization and hasn’t transformed digitally.

To many people, going digital means only using technology to scale your business. While to some, going digital means new ways of reaching your audience. Although both perspectives are correct, they aren’t particularly whole. 

In simple terms, a digital organization utilizes digital tools or technology trends to its advantage both in its external and internal operations. It means to be attuned with your customers and their decision-making intimately.  

For businesses to be seen as digital, they have to possess some qualities. For instance, a digital organization is incomplete without automation. Every digital organization must offer real-time problem resolution using Artificial Intelligence and other automation platforms

Furthermore, digital organizations have the edge over their competitors when they focus on how technology aids in the creation of unique experiences for their customers. Here are some examples of digital organizations.


Netflix completely transformed how the world views television media and film. Before Netflix went digital, it provided customers with a convenient way to watch movies by mailing DVDs. However, it became a digital organization when customers could stream movies and TV shows online.


Owing to the number of smartphone users globally, Uber capitalizes on this while maintaining low capital assets. In the past, owning a taxi company meant you’d have to employ drivers and maintain the vehicles, which would cost a lot. However, the case is different with Uber as it links drivers and people via the internet.

Other examples like Disney use a wristband known as MagicBand to improve customer experience and satisfaction. When people visit Disneyland, they are given the MagicBand, which gives them access to attraction sites, restaurants, buying merchandise, and lodging in a hotel. 

How to Build a Digital Organization

Figuring out how to build a digital organization can be quite tasking. Before you can successfully establish a digital business, you need sufficient resources. Also, digital businesses focus more on Omni-commerce, integrating online and physical services. Here are ways to build a successful digital organization.

Embrace digitalization

To remain relevant in this technology age requires that you embrace digitalization. Businesses should embrace cloud computing automation and make their sites mobile-friendly. According to statistics, people are more inclined to buy online if your site is mobile-friendly.

Additionally, digitalization aids better communication between your staff and your audience, thereby increasing productivity. If you’re seeking an edge over your competitors, digitalization can improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Come up with a digital strategy

A digital strategy aims at improving an organization’s performance with the use of technology. A digital strategy determines the route an organization would take to develop new advantages with the use of technology. Also, a digital strategy helps your organization track its failures and successes. 

You need a digital team highly skilled in digital marketing and information technology to create a digital strategy. Their duties will include building content on social media and keeping up with the latest digital trends.

Create digital channels for your organization

Before developing digital channels, you should determine the best channels for the industry you belong to. Likewise, you should identify the best digital tools for your organization and get familiar with them. Use the new technologies available to develop channels and be more effective. 

Benefits of a Digital Organization

No doubt emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G and AI have significant roles in the future of businesses. One benefit of being a digital organization is increased efficiency. Thanks to technology, your employees not only work better but smarter. Here are the top benefits of a digital organization.

  • Technology enables business agility when they leverage new technologies like blockchain.
  • It gives you a better digital presence helping you improve conversions, drive leads and boost brand credibility.
  • The use of chatbots and artificial intelligence improves customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Organizations that embrace digitalization record more revenue by utilizing marketing techniques that are data-driven, such as predictive analytics
  • Digital organizations are more productive because they use the latest technologies like big data, the cloud, and machine learning.

To Wrap It Up

In today’s world, traditional organizations that refuse to embrace digitalization will not remain relevant in their industries. While most organizations just want to go digital to have an edge, it’s essential to recognize the signs that you’re ready for the digital wave. For instance, if your competitors and your customers are using digital technology, there’s no reason you should.

When you transform your business digitally, it’s evident in the number of new customers you get. Also, you cut down on costs while working effectively. Thankfully, in this article, we highlight the benefits of going digital as an organization. Also, we discuss ways you can build a digital organization.

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