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20 Places to Find Digital Transformation News and Technology News

Digital Transformation News

Keeping up with digital transformation news is vital if you want to track industry trends and forecasts.

Because today’s industry keeps changing, it is critical to stay on top of marketplace movements.

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Tracking digital transformation news can help you:

  • Learn about new technology developments
  • Understand how other businesses engage in digital transformation
  • Predict where the market is headed in the years to come

Naturally, there are lots of news sources online.

But where should you go to find the most relevant, useful news about digital disruption, adoption, and transformation?

20 Top Websites for Technology and Digital Transformation News

Here are 20 of the best, most useful websites that deliver news on technology and digital trends.

1. Digital Adoption Hub


Digital Adoption Hub collects news specifically about digital adoption and transformation.

It is an excellent source for news about technology trends, digital adoption platforms, and digital transformation.

2. Techcrunch

Techcrunch is a well-known technology website.

It covers startups, emerging technology, and other technology-focused topics.

3. Forbes


Forbes publishes industry thought leaders in a variety of industries.

Many of these leaders have excellent ideas about digital transformation.

4. Computer World

computerworld logo

Computer World, a technology magazine, offers a number of articles devoted to digital transformation.

Many of its articles are geared towards IT professionals.

5. MarketWatch


MarketWatch is a financial site, ideal for those who want a big picture of the markets.

It collects news, press releases, and business research from a variety of industries, including technology and digital trends.

The best way to keep up with news from this site is through an alert, via Google Alerts or another service.

6. TechTarget’s Search CIO


Tech Target’s Search CIO website delivers news on digital business transformation, innovation, IT applications, and more.

It is a good source for IT professionals.

7. The Verge


The Verge is a news site with an emphasis on technology.

It is a good resource if you want to keep up with technology trends, products, and market news.

8. Wired

wired logo

Wired is one of the oldest, most famous technology magazines in the world.

It offers regular news updates on technology, as well as other topics.

9. Tech Republic

Tech Republic logo

Tech Republic is another excellent technology news site.

It caters to IT professionals, offering a wide selection of articles, news, and white papers.

10. The Information

The Information logo

The Information offers in-depth analyses of the technology industry.

It is a subscription-only service designed for readers who want deeper insight into the technology industry.

11. ZDNet

ZDNet logo

ZDNet is another great news source for digital transformation and technology.

It is affiliated with Tech Republic, offering news that is more geared towards market trends and consumer products.

12. Geekwire


Geekwire keeps readers updated with current technology news, products, and marketplace developments.

13. Slashdot


Slashdot is a user-powered aggregation site that collects the best, most interesting news from around the web.

It is a great source for technology news and business news.

14. Hacker News

Hacker News logo

Hacker News, run by Ycombinator, collects and upvotes the best technology news from around the web.

15. Mashable

Mashable logo

Mashable is another general news site, offering excellent articles on technology and science.

Like many of the other technology news sites here, it is a good place to spot emerging digital trends and industry developments.

16. Motherboard

VICE-Motherboard logo

Motherboard, run by Vice, offers in-depth articles and investigative journalism.

It is a good place to go for alternative articles that you won’t find elsewhere.

17. Twitter


Twitter, of course, is one of the best sources for up-to-the-minute news on any topic, including digital transformation.

Combined with search or alert services, you can follow specific users or hashtags to stay current on digital transformation news and events.

18. Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal is one of the oldest, most trusted financial magazines in the world.

It is an excellent source for business news, technology news, and more.

19. Bloomberg

Bloomberg logo

Bloomberg also offers news on a wide range of topics.

Its focus is more on business and markets, making it a great place to track the global economy.

20. CIO


CIO offers technology news, and many articles on digital transformation.

It is a perfect destination for IT professionals or anyone who wants to track the technology sector.

Final Thoughts

For more information about digital disruption, adoption, and transformation, try:

As with any other topic today, part of the problem with following news is separating the signal from the noise.

To do that, use email alerts or RSS feeds to stay focused only on specific categories or news topics.

Also, use search engines to find news from sites you want to read.

After all, everyone is busy…

It’s important to stay productive without succumbing to information overload – following the tips above can help you focus only on the most relevant news.

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