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Are You Using These 5 Necessary Digital Transformation Tools?

Digital transformation tools

Digital transformation is one of the main components of development among today’s enterprises. 

Technology impacts all industries and, in light of the popularity of digital channels among your clients and partners, it’s your duty to keep up with the world of digital transformation. 

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Such great interest in technologies comes not only from their usefulness and convenience, but also from the fact that every year they become more affordable.

Due to the growth of the IT industry, a larger variety of digital solutions for business is now available. But digital transformation does not come about simply because technology is available. To become a truly digital-first business, your enterprise requires change organization-wide.

Therefore, you will need a range of digital transformation tools. Lucky for you, we are going to discuss some of them here today.

5 digital transformation tools every CEO needs — and might not have considered 

1. IT planning and analysis

Before innovation comes planning. Therefore, when it comes to bringing tech changes into your company, your CIO must be the first one you discuss it with. 

They must be responsible for conducting a SWOT analysis of digital changes. Once this analysis is done, you will be able to move on to determining metrics and planning everything else, including the expenses.

Your IT department will need to be involved throughout. As experts in their field, they should be able to recommend new digital transformation tools on the market and able to advise regarding potential implementation issues. 

2. Workplace management tools

Any digital changes you introduce will affect the workplace and workflow. An essential part of understanding the impact of new technology implementation is access to frontline workplace data. 

Relying only on your workers to notify you if something goes wrong means it will probably be too late by then.

Well-adjusted tools for workplace management will definitely save you money and anxiety when you’re able to see what’s happening on the ground before it happens, instead of after. 

3. Digital Adoption Platform

Digital Adoption Platforms are one of the most effective digital transformation tools of the past decade. 

New technology is only useful when it is implemented fully and used as it is meant to be used. That is why the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) was invented and pioneered by WalkMe. 

Based on sophisticated AI and machine learning, the DAP provides technology users with helpful guidance on how to use that technology. 

Analyzing data from the user’s experience, digital adoption solutions create customized patterns for a person to interact with a digital accelerator. Simply put, the DAP teaches you how to get the best out of that technology. 

Platform agnostic and synchronizing with major enterprise apps, the DAP completely eliminates issues with technology onboarding. Then, long after onboarding is completed, the DAP continues to aid your digital transformation in the following ways:

  • Providing in depth user behavior insights so you can analyze and fix problems
  • Easy change awareness and training in response to technology updates
  • Automation of tasks to improve the user experience, free up employees’ time, and boost creativity 

The DAP can aid digital transformation internally and also externally, improving the user experience for customers interacting with your digital website or products.

4. Communication

“Communication is key” as they say. This is also true when it comes to technology adoption. 

You may not think that communication belongs in a list of digital transformation tools, but you need to understand that every digital change should have communication at the heart of it. 

And since you are bringing in changes of a digital nature, you should consider digital improvements to your communication too. 

Communication as a tool of digital transformation is two-fold. First, there are tools that facilitate communication between you and your employees. Secondly, you need to establish a reliable tool for customer feedback collection and support provision. 

5. Dashboard

A good, reliable digital dashboard is an essential part of successful digital transformation. 

Not only should it include your digital strategy with plans and milestones, it should also be a tool at your disposal — a customizable space that can store and process various data. 

Your dashboard can also be the space where your team will have the ability to quickly describe new ideas, react to changes, and see transformation progress.

Every enterprise during its digital transformation has different goals and needs. So your digital transformation tools will not be limited to the ones we have mentioned. 

However, these ones are crucial for almost every case of technology adoption. The main thing you need to remember during this process is to monitor progress and not to jump on seemingly quick-fix solutions. True digital transformation takes time and patience.

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