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7 Ways to Unleash the Power of ChatGPT Sales

7 ways to unleash the power of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a slam dunk for sales. 

It provides versatile automation and improves efficiency for the sales process, with these two actions having the potential for unbeatably efficient and personalized customer experience transformation.

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But it’s essential to consider precisely how ChatGPT sales can work for you and your existing goals, tech stack, and organizational culture as it optimizes your sales operations

With one survey showing that 61_ of sales professionals saying they believe AI tools like ChatGPT will help them improve customer service

With one survey showing that 61% of sales professionals saying they believe AI tools like ChatGPT will help them improve customer service, it is time to invest in this technology to remain competitive. 

To help you discover and implement the five ways to unleash the power of ChatGPT sales, we will explore the following topics:

  • What is ChatGPT sales?
  • Why is ChatGPT sales important?
  • What are the limitations of ChatGPT sales?
  • 7 ways to unleash the power of ChatGPT sales
  • How are sales teams using ChatGPT?
  • How well does ChatGPT integrate with your sales tools?

What is ChatGPT sales?

ChatGPT sales

ChatGPT sales are how a sales team finds the best ways to utilize this tool for their specific sales workflows. 

This digital technology can assist with lead generation, customer outreach, and closing sales. 

ChatGPT sales most commonly automate repetitive tasks like customer data entry and collecting sales analytics to allow sales representatives to focus on closing deals, optimizing sales performance, the sales discovery process, and boosting business growth.

It can also include chatbots to answer simple customer inquiries using natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. 

Why is ChatGPT sales important?

Why is ChatGPT sales important_

The sales world represents one of a company’s most competitive and high-stress organization types and departments, particularly for sales reps. 

About 75% of the value that generative AI use cases could deliver falls across four areas, two of which are customer operations and sales and marketing teams. LLMs like ChatGPT have the potential to automate tasks that take up 60% to 70% of team members’ time (cited above).

Sales leaders must adopt ChatGPT to remain competitive in the marketplace and allow their staff to focus on higher-level tasks that AI cannot complete, like excellent and personalized customer service and generating innovative new approaches to meeting customer needs. 

What are the limitations of ChatGPT sales?

Despite its effectiveness in automating tasks to save vast amounts of time, ChatGPT has limitations for sales efforts. 

Avoid relying solely on ChatGPT for crucial information. Although it generally provides fairly accurate responses based on pre-2021 internet data, it might not always offer the most current answers, even if it trains on your organization’s more recent sales data entry. 

Moreover, the quality of ChatGPT’s output relies heavily on the inputs provided. It’s crucial to clearly define your query and provide enough context for a coherent and relevant response, as inadequate information could result in disconnected or illogical answers.

7 ways to unleash the power of ChatGPT sales

There are eight main ways to unleash the power of ChatGPT sales, beginning with persona and industry research. 

1. Explore distinct personas and industries in research

ChatGPT aids reps in swiftly grasping target personas and industries, benefiting new hires. It fosters an understanding of clients, concerns, and the broader market. 

Initiate by defining the persona: Query ChatGPT to unveil top priorities for a role, gauging their success metrics. Further inquiries can narrow down approaches, common traits, and tailored solution discussions. 

Extend the tool to industry analysis: Unearth trends and major players. Yet, solely relying on ChatGPT for company specifics is cautioned. Its training is limited to pre-2021 data, risking outdated insights. Still, summaries from publicly available links remain reliable.

For enduring themes (e.g., VP of Marketing’s critical success factors), ChatGPT swiftly imparts knowledge, sparing web browsing. This gradual integration optimizes ChatGPT’s role in sales processes.

2. Establish the sales team’s social media personal brand

Social selling proves effective. A major social media company study showed that reps exceeding 50% of quota were twice as likely to expand networks, contrasting non-achievers.

Prime tactic? Engage in solution-related conversations. Yet, generating social content remains a hurdle.

Struggling with LinkedIn or Twitter posts? Leverage ChatGPT for inspiration:

Pick insightful content.

This example could be a blog, case study, or any public page ChatGPT can explore.

Input: “Craft a LinkedIn post from [link].”

Unsatisfied? Request a different version:

“Rework with a blog stat.”

“Modify with case study quote.”

“Rewrite amiably. Add bullets.”

3. Create cold outreach messages

While some emails are ongoing prospect chats, a sizable chunk comprises cold outreach, demanding personalized attention.

Enter ChatGPT.

Note: ChatGPT can’t access LinkedIn profiles sans an account due to privacy. Nonetheless, you can customize it effectively with pertinent data:

Feed details for optimal tailoring. Here’s how:

Initially, pinpoint the recipient and inquire ChatGPT about their priorities.

For instance, ask: What matters most to [job title]?

Subsequently, expand by seeking guidance on presenting your company’s solution in the context of their concerns.

Example: To [job title], introduce [company], and its [description]. Draft a concise email illustrating how [company] resolves [pain point].

Refine further with supplementary follow-ups:

Revise, integrating a blog/case study stat [link].

Provide [job title]’s bio and their company’s details. Amend the email correspondingly.

Enhance attention-grabbing quality.

Assist in formulating an engaging subject line.

Our candid ChatGPT assessment for cold email crafting may not be impeccable, yet it accelerates the journey toward a refined result.

4. Formulate lead-qualifying queries

Enhancing your sales process and honing lead-qualifying criteria? Employ ChatGPT to determine ideal questions for SDRs during outreach calls.

Input: “[Company description]. Our solution targets [audience/persona, company type]. What queries identify solution-fit companies?”

ChatGPT provides a range of topic-related questions. Delve further by inquiring, “Additional inquiries about [topic]?”

5. Perform rapid competitive analysis

Have you encountered a prospect mentioning an unfamiliar competitor during a call?

At such junctures, your ally ChatGPT can step in. Comprehensively reviewing competitor sites or deciphering their solutions isn’t feasible with time constraints. Yet, gaining a basic grasp is essential for sales conversations.

Pose questions to ChatGPT: “Explain [competitor website]’s function.”

Then inquire, “What distinct solutions do they offer?”

You might also ask, “Who constitutes their target audience?”

Remember: ChatGPT’s current ability may not encompass intricate website comparisons. Although it might evolve, its proficiency in in-depth understanding to assist customers in evaluating complex products remains limited.

6. Engage in prospect role-play

Imagine a sales rep gearing up to handle queries, crafting FAQs, or intensively prepping for a significant pitch.

Role-playing these scenarios becomes seamless with ChatGPT. Utilize this format:

Present our offerings: [your company’s description]. If you’re considering [company], what queries arise?

Upon receiving ChatGPT’s question list, delve into one: Enter [question answer]. What follow-up inquiries arise concerning [topic]?

Adapt this process according to your objectives. For instance, input a cold call script and prompt ChatGPT to generate follow-up inquiries aligned with your discussion. It proves invaluable for reps and those curating sales training software.

7. Condense your notes

Capture abundant insights from meeting notes. Employ Tactiq, coupling your current recorder with ChatGPT. It amalgamates call transcripts, providing lucid action steps negating the need for incomplete notes, memory, or transcript sifting.

How are sales teams using ChatGPT?

Considering how sales teams use ChatGPT sales to boost their performance is helpful, as it helps align your utilization of this tool with your business goals as you optimize time management. 

Sales professionals are most likely to use generative AI to help with the following_

Sales professionals are most likely to use generative AI to help with the following:

Basic content creation (82%)

Analyzing market data (74%)

Automating personalized sales communications (71%)

Source: Salesforce, cited above

The best way to ensure your sales team gets the most out of how they use ChatGPT is by supporting them with a prompt starter pack and continuously encouraging them to add further detail for each prompt. 

How well does ChatGPT integrate with your sales tools?

How well does ChatGPT integrate with your sales tools_

It’s all well and good that ChatGPT has many benefits, but it needs to integrate with the existing sales tools for your team’s workflow to work optimally. Let’s look at three examples of how well ChatGPT integrates with popular sales tools.  

ChatGPT and Hubspot

HubSpot introduced ChatSpot, an integration with ChatGPT tailored for marketing, sales, and service units. Through ChatSpot, HubSpot users can inquire, such as “Last month’s website visitors count?” or even request, “Create an image of a sailboat in stormy waters?”

ChatGPT and Slack

Devote substantial time on Slack, updating peers and addressing queries. Slack’s ChatGPT integration eases the writing burden. It also offers concise message summaries, swiftly delivering vital information.

ChatGPT and Salesforce Einstein

Einstein GPT, the pioneering generative AI for CRMs, has been unveiled by Salesforce. This innovation empowers  Salesforce users to create CRM content across various functions to optimize digital engagement

For example, sales reps can fashion tailored prospect messages, while customer service agents can employ them to address support queries.

Utilize ChatGPT sales to optimize your sales revenue

Utilize ChatGPT sales to optimize your sales revenue

Incorporating ChatGPT into your sales strategy can undoubtedly pave the way for heightened sales revenue and improved customer engagement throughout your sales and marketing efforts. 

From personalized customer interactions to crafting compelling marketing content, ChatGPT offers a dynamic toolkit that empowers sales teams to connect with prospects on a deeper level. 

As businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing, embracing ChatGPT’s transformative influence can be a strategic move that optimizes revenue and fosters long-lasting customer relationships in a digitally driven era.

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