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Beyond CIO Magazine: 25 Blogs for the IT Professional

Cio magazine

CIO.com – or CIO Magazine – is almost certainly the most well-known blog designed for CIOs and other IT leaders.

While CIO Magazine is certainly one of the best resources for CIOs, it is only one among many useful IT blogs.

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Below, we’ll look at other blogs that are relevant to IT professionals, beginning with those aimed at CIOs, CTOs, and other organizational leaders.

Beyond CIO Magazine: 25 Informative Blogs for the IT Professional

Here are some of the best IT blogs that can help CIOs stay up-to-date on current industry trends:

  • CIO.com. IDG’s CIO.com is perhaps the most well-known blog oriented towards CIOs and other IT leaders, offering a selection of news and insights specifically geared towards IT managers and leaders.
  • CIOReview. CIOReview is another IT blog that offers articles specifically for CIOs, many of which are written by business leaders.
  • CIO Views. CIO Views aims to keep readers updated on “business strategies, technological hacks and innovation.”
  • CIO East Africa. As the name suggests, CIO East Africa is a blog by CIOs from East Africa, for CIOs from East Africa.
  • CISO Mag. CISO Mag is a blog dedicated to cybersecurity, offering up-to-date information for cybersecurity professionals, CISOs, CXOs, and others interested in internet safety.
  • CTO Vision. CTO Vision is a blog published by the cybersecurity firm OODA, covering topics of interest to CIOs, CISOs, CDOs, and other IT leaders.
  • CSO. CSO is an IDG publication that focuses on security and risk management. It is aimed at technology executives, security professionals, and other business professionals who want to understand and mitigate risk in the digital era.
  • Forrester’s CIO Blog. Forrester’s CIO Insights blog can be a good resource for informative content specifically relevant to the CIO.
  • ComputerWorld. Like CIO.com and several of the other blogs covered here, ComputerWorld is an IDG publication that focuses on technology, computers, software, and industry news.
  • ZDNet. ZDNet provides general news about the IT industry, product news, trends, and more.
  • InfoWorld. InfoWorld is an IDG blog that focuses on building the next-generation enterprise and covers topics such as cloud computing, the digital workplace, IT trends, and more.
  • MacWorld. IDG’s MacWorld, as the name suggests, is a blog that focuses specifically on Mac-related news and topics.
  • NetworkWorld. Yet another IDG blog, NetworkWorld covers the fast-evolving world of network technology and IT infrastructure, including topics related to Linux, IoT, data centers, and more.
  • PCWorld. Like MacWorld, PCWorld publishes news and articles specifically related to PCs.
  • TechHive. TechHive is IDG’s blog that covers product news and new products specifically related to the connected home.
  • IDG’s blog. IDG’s business blog is another useful resource for CIOs and IT professionals, and it covers topics such as marketing trends and general IT trends. They also have a research section that houses IDG’s proprietary research, such as surveys and studies – this section contains very useful information that spans a range of topics, from cybersecurity to consumer behavior to IT leadership.
  • TechCrunch. TechCrunch covers tech startups, acquisitions and investments, new products, apps, tech events, and more. This is a good blog for those who want to keep up with news and events related to emerging tech.
  • Engadget. Verizon’s Engadget is a general interest technology magazine that covers general industry trends, emerging tech, products, and more.
  • I – Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders.I – Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders provides information for the “elite” of IT management, including CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and other digital leaders. Their articles provide insights and information from IT leaders around the globe, covering everything from general trends to strategy to innovation.
  • CIOReviewIndia. CIOReviewIndia offers insights by and for CIOs and IT professionals in India. They cover topics specific to India as well as global trends and general technology topics.
  • Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal. WSJ’s CIO Journal is a subsection of the Wall Street Journal, which, as the name suggests, collects business articles and content most relevant to CIOs.
  • TechTarget’s SearchCIO and TotalCIO. SearchCIO covers topics such as digital innovation, cybersecurity, IT operations, and other topics of interest to CIOs and IT leaders. TotalCIO is the companion to that site, with articles that add more depth and breadth to those on SearchCIO.
  • Chief Executive. As the name suggests, Chief Executive is a blog aimed at executives. The focus of articles on this site trend towards leadership, rather than IT – but since today’s CIO is adopting more of a leadership role, these insights can be very useful.
  • Computer Weekly. Computer Weekly, a TechTarget publication, focuses on more than just computers. This site covers general interest topics, IT industry trends, IT management, specific sectors, and more.
  • TechRepublic. TechRepublic is one of the most useful blogs in this list. In addition to IT industry news, they offer a wide range of up-to-date, practical content for the IT professionals, such as how-to guides, white papers, and more. TechRepublic Premium, a paid site, offers even more in-depth guides, research, and information.

For more IT-related blogs, check out our list of digital transformation news blogs.

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