Digital Transformation Services

What Do Digital Transformation Services Providers Do?

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Digital transformation services come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors.

These services can include:

  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Software solutions
  • Change management and organizational transformation consulting

Among others.

Below, we will look at some digital transformation solutions in detail, then discuss what to look for when evaluating providers.

Types of Digital Transformation Services

Digital transformation is a process that encompasses many areas, including:

  • Technology. Digital technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Software and hardware both can act as strategic differentiators, propelling growth and innovation. However, as we will see, digital transformation extends beyond the adoption of new technology.
  • The workplace. Digital transformation also affects the workplace, the workforce, workflows, and even jobs. Today, continuous transformation has become normal. To keep up, organizations must cultivate new cultures, continually train employees, and develop a workplace that is streamlined and digital.
  • Business processes. The adoption of new technology is transforming the very nature of business processes. Automation, analytics, data, AI, robotics, and many other technologies are reinventing business processes across the spectrum. To stay competitive, businesses must continuously evaluate and reinvent their own business processes.
  • Strategy. The digital era requires new strategies … and even new business models. To stay relevant, organizations must integrate new prerogatives into their strategies. Some of today’s most important strategic priorities include the customer experience, employee engagement, digital innovation, and agility.

Clearly, digital transformation itself affects many dimensions of a business.

For that reason, the scope of digital transformation services varies widely.

Here are some examples:


Consultants and consultancies offer insights, advice, and analyses in many areas.

These can include any of the topics mentioned above, such as:

  • Software implementation and digital adoption
  • Employee training, productivity, and engagement
  • Digital transformation strategy and planning
  • Business strategy

To name just a few.

Consultants typically don’t implement solutions. Instead, they partner with organizations, offer insights, and design solutions.

IT Services

IT, as mentioned, plays a critical role in digital transformation.

IT services providers can offer solutions such as:

  • IT modernization. Helping an organization upgrade and modernize its IT systems, from software to infrastructure. This can affect many areas of a business, from internal processes to customer-facing services.
  • IT management. IT management companies offer IT management as a service. They can assist organizations with software implementation, cybersecurity, data storage, and many other IT functions. In essence, managed service providers (MSPs) are outsourced IT departments.
  • IT consultants. IT consultancies help organizations make key IT decisions. They can help guide organizations through the ever-changing digital landscape and make the right choices at the right time.

Many IT services providers specialize in a specific area.

As mentioned, MSPs offer outsourced IT functions. 

Others may focus on specific IT areas, such as cyber security or cloud computing.

Change Management

Today’s organizations are undergoing constant change.

However, organizational change is not easy.

Any organization undergoing digital transformation must manage their change efforts in order to produce positive outcomes.

Change management consultancies and providers focus on areas such as:

  • Driving change at the individual level
  • Assessing problems and assisting with solution design
  • Planning and managing organizational change projects
  • Maximizing stakeholder support and minimizing employee resistance

Whereas some digital transformation services providers focus on processes and technology, change management clearly focuses on the human element.

By enabling and driving change at the individual level, employees can fuel change instead of hindering it.

Digital Adoption Solutions

Digital adoption solutions providers focus on maximizing software ROI, streamlining the digital workplace, and improving workforce productivity.

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs), for example, are software platforms that:

  • Accelerate user training time through in-app guidance
  • Automate training with step-by-step tutorials and instructions
  • Increase user proficiency and productivity
  • Decrease technical support costs

Among other things.

Effective digital adoption is essential for successful digital transformation.

Therefore, it is no surprise that more and more enterprises are using DAPs to streamline their software implementation and training efforts.

What to Look for in Digital Transformation Services Providers

Here are a few elements to focus on when researching providers:

  • Credibility. How successful is the company? Basic research can reveal the company’s size, funding, track record, and more. 
  • A future. Will the business still be around in a few years? A company with a spotty track record and mixed client reviews may not be around to offer support when you need it most.
  • The right fit. Does the company’s solution match your needs? Also, how well do their values fit with your organization’s?

Choosing the right digital transformation services provider can make a significant difference in the outcome of a project.

The right provider can deliver stellar results, set your business on the right path, and offer ongoing support for years to come.

The wrong vendor, however, can easily become a wasted investment.

When evaluating vendors, thorough research can help you choose the best providers … and weed out the inappropriate ones.

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