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Your Complete Guide for Dreamforce

Your Complete Guide for Dreamforce

Dreamforce is an annual global event organized by Salesforce, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. 

It serves as a platform for learning, connecting, and philanthropy, attracting over 180,000 attendees from around the world. The conference features sessions with product owners, developers, admins, architects, students, managers, and COOs

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Dreamforce this year will be huge, so whether you’re undecided or raring to go, it’s essential to know what the event is, who attends, and what participants will get out of it, whether you want to learn about Salesforce adoption problems, Salesforce automation, or digital engagement (Salesforce)

This article will explore all aspects of Dreamforce, including what it entails, its schedule, location, agenda, attendees, accommodation options, and tips for preparation.

What is Salesforce Dreamforce?

What is Salesforce Dreamforce 2024?

At its essence, Dreamforce is a yearly convention to unite the Salesforce community to share knowledge and gain insights on topics like Salesforce onboarding and many others. 

As one of the largest global tech gatherings, over 180,000 participants can anticipate experiencing a display of Salesforce advancements, along with numerous employee training opportunities and talks delivered by forward-thinking keynote speakers.

Dreamforce urges participants to tell their experiences to others and commemorate their achievements in the technology sector. Characterized as an event “beyond just a conference,” this distinctive occasion revolves around:

  • Learning.
  • Finding inspiration.
  • Giving back.
  • Enjoying oneself – see the Parties section below!

Absolutely, I’m ready to register! (The registration fee is $2,299 until all tickets are sold).

When is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce occurs annually in the autumn, typically in September. This year’s edition will take place on September 12-14, and registration for the 2024 event is now open (see link above).

Where is Dreamforce?

After its inception in 2003, San Francisco has served as the official host city of Dreamforce, with the San Francisco mayor opening the event each year.

Transitioning from a virtual format in 2020 to a hybrid approach the following year, 2022 mirrored 2021 by providing worldwide access to a blend of live and on-demand events through Salesforce+. This setup enabled online participation for those without tickets.

The Salesforce+ platform delivers abundant free original series and special on-demand episodes, granting effortless access to a global community of compelling content without traveling.

What’s happening at Dreamforce?

Access the Dreamforce ’23 agenda here, featuring an extensive lineup of over 1,100 sessions spanning the 3-day event granted by your conference pass or complete conference pass. 

Attendees can indulge in captivating keynotes highlighting favorite products and engaging in more intimate sessions encompassing various topics.

You can also enjoy afternoon refreshments and the breakout and theater sessions if the hands-on workshops and talks on elements, cloud spaces, and many other topics get too much to take in. 

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  1. Main Keynote: Dive into the latest Salesforce announcements in this pivotal session.
  2. Dreamfest: Unwind and celebrate at the baseball stadium with the electrifying performance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  3. True to the Core: Seize the opportunity to address your burning inquiries to senior Salesforce executives. 

Past Q&A sessions and roundtable discussions covered the retirement plans for Workflow Rules and Salesforce Classic, and this year may see a discussion of AI-powered innovation of Salesforce software.

  1. High-Profile Interviews: Anticipate exceptional speakers at Dreamforce, with previous luminaries like Barack and Michelle Obama, David Beckham, and Stephen Curry. 

This year’s lineup features esteemed figures such as Sam Altman, who will discuss ChatGPT, Ayanna Howard, Rainn Wilson, and Dr. Jane Goodall – just a glimpse of the extraordinary roster.

Who goes to Dreamforce events?

Dreamforce caters to all individuals engaged in the Salesforce ecosystem attending Dreamforce to enjoy the event’s employee training sessions, from administrators, developers, and architects to newcomers and Trailblazers. 

It encompasses participants from diverse teams and industries across the globe as part of the Dreamforce experience for many roles.

With a history of over 180,000 attendees, you’ll find yourself among a vast community of like-minded professionals!

Where can you stay when attending Dreamforce?

Dreamforce draws a substantial crowd to San Francisco, leading to intense accommodation competition. After securing your tickets, the subsequent priority is lodging.

We advise early booking for a bed and a budget-friendly rate, as Dreamforce often prompts price surges. Opt for accommodations with free cancellation options, considering ongoing COVID concerns. While many hotels adapt to these conditions, verifying before confirming is wise.

For location, prioritize downtown San Francisco due to event commutes and anticipated busy public transport during Dreamforce week. Plan to align with your schedule, optimizing event participation and minimizing wastage.

Consider these factors when booking accommodation:

1. Official Dreamforce Hotels

When registering, you’ll encounter hotel options alongside your ticket. Salesforce has negotiated preferential rates for attendees, making these accommodations reasonably priced.

2. Hotel Comparison Platforms

If Dreamforce hotels lack appeal, there are no vacancies; reputable comparison websites like,, Kayak, and Expedia offer alternatives. However, anticipate higher costs compared to Dreamforce hotels.

3. Alternative Stays

Airbnb, FlipKey, and Vrbo provide unique options, from whole properties to private rooms – ideal for group travel or a ‘home away from home’ ambiance.

4. Luxury Hostels

Luxury hostels in San Francisco offer private rooms at a fraction of the cost. HI San Francisco, just a short walk from Moscone, is popular among Dreamforce attendees.

5. Out-of-Town Choices

If previous options are unsuitable, San Fran’s BART system facilitates travel to Moscone outside the city center. These options are more affordable than neighboring Moscone hotels, with travel times around 30 minutes.

How to prepare for Dreamforce

Navigating the vibrant frenzy of a typical four-day Dreamforce demands careful preparation. Amid the exhilaration, avoid exhausting yourself early on. Here are invaluable guidelines for your journey to Dreamforce as an attendee.

Smart Packing

Smart Packing

Prepare by bringing your smartphone and downloading and installing these apps in advance of your trip:

  • Salesforce Events (your Dreamforce guide).
  • Twitter (where the SF community congregates).
  • Maps (Google or similar).
  • Ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft).
  • Payment Apps (Google Pay, Apple Pay).
  • Document Apps (GDrive, Quip, Google Docs).

Save room for Dreamforce Jetpack upon release.

Reserve ample space to capture your remarkable Dreamforce moments.

Multi-Port USB Charger

Multi-Port USB Charger

Facilitate simultaneous device charging. Pack spare cables and laptop chargers, all conveniently portable.

Business Cards

Business Cards

Ensure you’re well-equipped for networking; carry an abundance of cards.

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable Shoes

Dreamforce sessions span various venues, so prepare for substantial walking by donning comfortable footwear.

Business Casual Attire

Business Casual Attire

Navigate the oft-asked “what to wear” query with business casual outfits. Strike the right balance between formal and informal.

Warm Jacket

Warm Jacket

Remember, DF23 falls in late September.



Given San Francisco’s tendencies.



Salesforce usually provides a small backpack during badge collection on Day 1. 

It suffices for your needs, leaving space for coveted swag.

Printed Schedule

Printed Schedule

Safeguard against mobile battery depletion.

Pen and Notebook

Pen and Notebook

Ensure you’re ready if your mobile battery fails again.

Light Snacks and Water

Light Snacks and Water

Stay hydrated and energized. Salesforce offers free lunch at various locations on campus.

Bring Enthusiasm

Bring Enthusiasm

A limitless resource that can enhance your experience.

Traveling Tips

Traveling Tips

For those residing outside the city:

  • Utilize the BART subway for Moscone travel.
  • Attend late-night parties, especially those hosted by Partners, to foster connections.
  • Reserve weekends for touring San Francisco landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, and Fisherman’s Wharf. Keep Dreamforce days exclusively for Dreamforce.
  • Consider bike tours with Dreamforce peers to iconic sites like the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, and Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Pack an additional empty suitcase for the swag you’ll accumulate to carry home.

Combine networking and fun at Dreamforce

Dreamforce offers a dynamic blend of professional growth and vibrant entertainment. By carefully planning your journey, packing essential items, and navigating travel tips, you can optimize your experience at this exceptional event, where you can learn about software like Salesforce Lightning.

Engage in meaningful networking while enjoying the diverse array of sessions and keynotes. 

From exploring the latest Salesforce advancements to attending late-night parties and city tours, Dreamforce promises a seamless fusion of learning, connection, and enjoyment, making it an unparalleled opportunity to expand your horizons and create lasting memories.

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