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Your Onboarding Platform Could Make Or Break Your Company

Onboarding Platform

Let’s face reality: customers keep companies alive.

And one way companies lose customers fast is by offering them a poor onboarding experience. The last thing your enterprise wants to do is to ruin the user experience of your digital product through a weak onboarding process.

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So, a great customer onboarding process is crucial. This is why your onboarding platform is super important.

Customers become frustrated when they can’t achieve their goals quickly and easily. Frustration leads to churn. And churn leads to company failure.

So, in this article, we’re going to look at how your onboarding platform can transform the user experience — for the better.

Good onboarding transforms the user experience

Let’s look at apps as an example of digital products being offered and hopefully used by today’s enterprise customers.

Statistics from Compuware show that the majority of smartphone users (85%) prefer apps to mobile websites. They’re believed to be more convenient, faster, and easier to use.

However, with this preference for mobile apps comes an intolerance for apps with user experience issues.

79% of people surveyed reported that they would only retry an app once or twice if it failed to work for them the first time.

So, it’s imperative that companies supply their customers with a good user experience from the get-go, or they’ll most likely lose them to a competitor.  

Onboarding customers well to your app or other tool is the most crucial part of their life cycle with that product.

Customers want what they’ve always wanted: an easy, efficient, and personal experience. They expect a seamless and tailored service to meet their demands. And your onboarding platform can help you to provide this to them.

The best onboarding platforms streamline the process, provide a personalized experience for customers, and help them to achieve their goals with your digital product.

Onboarding platforms are a critical part of the digital adoption process. They boost customer retention and enable cross-selling and upselling. The right one can help you to capture customer loyalty and be a more successful business.

Customer onboarding top tips

  • Try to get it right first time — up to 90% of apps are only used once, so your onboarding process needs to engage and retain customers
  • Research your customers and what experience they want before designing your onboarding process
  • Keep the onboarding process simple for the first time user — if the process is too complicated, the customer probably won’t return, so don’t overload them with information or ask for too much information from them at the start
  • During the onboarding process, ideally you want to communicate to customers that your product can solve needs they didn’t even know they had
  • Customers don’t want to watch a tutorial on how to use your product — they just want to get started, so you need to find a way to engage them and onboard them successfully while they’re exploring your product

Remember, you might see the value of your product but do your customers? You must develop an onboarding process that allows customers to understand the value of your product immediately because you probably won’t get a second chance.

(source: Chart Mogul)

Reasons for negative onboarding experiences

  1. Enterprises don’t design an onboarding process, it’s too complicated, or takes too long, so customers aren’t engaged immediately; they leave the platform and never come back.
  2. Customers do not see the value of the company’s product — they don’t experience the “wow” moment the first time they interface with it, so they leave.
  3. During the onboarding process, too much information is asked of customers, or they’re required to complete lengthy tutorials.

DAP: The ultimate onboarding platform

DAP stands for Digital Adoption Platform. When it comes to engaging customers with your digital tools and products, it’s the ultimate onboarding platform.

The DAP allows users to login to your digital product and begin using its most beneficial features right away. No lengthy tutorials are required; instead, customers receive guidance as they’re using the tool.

Because the DAP uses advanced machine learning, it understands individual user behavior and is able to provide personalized assistance to the user. This engages the customer and keeps them from leaving, as their needs are immediately being met.

Customers can be immediately exposed to all the new and necessary features they will need using your product, without being overloaded with information.

Customers don’t have to spend hours reading through system training manuals, watching instructional videos, or sitting through in-person demos. They can self-serve with the contextualized, real-time guidance of the DAP.

The result is that customers learn to use your digital product quickly and properly, so they can achieve their goals and understand the value of the service you provide.

Get great results using the DAP

  • Customers retain the information about your product better and there is a greater chance for upselling and cross-selling.
  • They receive full exposure to the product’s value in an engaging, not off-putting or overwhelming, way.
  • Customers receive an improved user experience, have their needs met, and become loyal brand advocates.
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