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What Is A Digital Adoption Platform? It Turns Your Digital Tools Into Assets

If you work for a traditional enterprise that was started 50 or so years ago, you’re probably feeling the heat.

Why? Because you’re WAY behind the times.

95% of start-ups have digital business plans compared to only 87% of traditional enterprises.

But even scarier, 55% of startups have already adopted their digital business strategy. That’s compared to a mere 38% of traditional enterprises. (source: IDG 2018)

But the fact that you’re asking, “what is a Digital Adoption Platform” bodes well. You’ve taken a step in the right direction.

Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a term that was invented by WalkMe. It has since become common terminology in HR, change management, and digital circles.

WalkMe’s website is a good reference point for anyone wanting to know what is a Digital Adoption Platform. But first, let’s talk about digital adoption.

What is digital adoption?

Digital adoption is defined as:

“Achieving a state in which digital tools are being used as intended, and to their fullest extent.”

But it’s about “more than just basic functions,” WalkMe explains. Digital adoption hasn’t taken place until “technology becomes second nature to its user.”

There are two key audiences an organization needs to consider for digital adoption.

  1. Customers
  2. Employees

Customers are demanding more digital services than ever.

In healthcare, patients want to be examined via video link. In banking, customers want to manage their money without seeing a teller.

Traditional businesses are offering digital services. And digital equipment and systems providers are constantly innovating to keep up with the fast pace of evolution.

No industry is exempt.

Internally, employees are overwhelmed with different digital tools to complete daily tasks. After the onboarding process is done, the information is lost as the “forgetting curve” sets in. Ultimately, employee productivity suffers. 

Many modern enterprises will want employees and customers to “adopt” their tools. Using them “to their fullest extent” means better user experience, productivity, and results.

So digital adoption will play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of your enterprise.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

In their video below, WalkMe describes the DAP as a “layer”.

“WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a guidance layer that is added on top of any existing website, software or online platform.”

So the DAP is platform agnostic, meaning it can be applied to any digital tool or system. Whether it’s a health or fitness machine, a digital printing press, or a CRM tool, the DAP layer can be added.

“The layer simplifies the user experience and guides users to task completion with on-screen Walk-Thrus. These dynamic step-by-step instructions streamline software implementation on any other online platform.”

Essentially, the DAP layer provides on-screen guidance actually at the time it’s needed. So the user is receiving the information in real-time.

“This dramatically increases the speed of new technology adoption within your organization.”

Based on principles of contextual learning, the DAP goes beyond personalized support.

“Training tools with contextual learning capabilities have algorithms that analyze context-sensitive factors, such as the actions the user is taking, their position in the company, the goals of the department, and even the time of day to provide tailored support.” WalkMe

How does it work?

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?  It’s a clever AI guide that teaches you as you’re using digital systems. Essentially, it’s an algorithm. Like Google.

The algorithm is a unique combination of rules, or you could think of it as a set of instructions. This is how it solves problems and performs tasks.

The DAP uses a combination of analytics, automation, and machine learning.

“[The DAP] ensures adoption by simplifying any software…through insights, engagement, and guidance. [It offers] contextual guidance, task automation, and proactive support at the exact moment of need.

“Powered by AI and machine learning, WalkMe’s DAP analyzes usage patterns to pinpoint obstacles and anticipate user action.” WalkMe

So the DAP doesn’t just provide you with guidance based on the digital system you’re using. It provides guidance based on your interaction with that digital system. And other contextual factors.

This makes you more productive using that digital system. It can even make you more innovative.

Total adoption leads to innovation

According to HP Indigo, they have become more innovative as a result of using the WalkMe DAP.

“In general, what happened was [the DAP] became a tool of innovation. … It’s all because WalkMe opened up a whole array of new options and ideas of how we could change and do things differently.” Richard Gines, HP

So, what is a Digital Adoption Platform? It’s an accelerator. A simplifier. An analyzer. An innovator. It’s the most important tool you can use to turn your digital systems, products, or services into digital assets.

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