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Have You Had That Aha Moment? When You Realize The Secret To Better CX & Digital Training

Aha Moment

What does getting into a bath have to do with enterprises operating in the digital world?

More than you’d think. Both involve the aha moment.

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What is the aha moment?

The aha moment is also known as the Eureka effect. It’s that moment when you have an epiphany and, all of a sudden, you understand something that was previously a mystery to you.

The aha moment has recently been characterized as comprising four defining attributes:

  1. The moment appears suddenly
  2. The solution to a problem can then be processed smoothly or fluently
  3. The moment elicits a positive effect
  4. The person experiencing the eureka effect is convinced that a solution is true

The most famous aha moment is probably the one experienced (in fiction) by Archimedes (c.250 BC).

In the story, Archimedes was asked by the local king whether a crown was made of pure gold. Archimedes had no clue how to go about answering the question.

Then, during a trip to the baths, he lowered his body into the water and noted that the water was displaced when he did so. In fact, he noticed that the volume of water displaced was the same as the volume of his body entering the water.

It was in this moment that he realized how to measure the volume of an irregular object and therefore answer the king’s question. Allegedly, Archimedes leaped out of the bath, shouting “eureka” (I have found it).

A very similar aha moment happened in 2010 when WalkMe was founded.

WalkMe coined the term “digital adoption”, which is used so widely today. Witnessing the problem facing so many enterprises, of how to put technology into the hands of users and ensure it was used to its fullest potential, the fledgling startup realized the key to solving the problem was digital adoption.

A piece of software was created that was designed to facilitate, accelerate, and improve digital adoption. It was called the Digital Adoption Platform.  


The aha moment in the digital age

Digital adoption empowers users to perform tasks using digital tools as easily and effectively as walking. This is essential to a well-performing enterprise in the digital age.

So every time an HR leader, CIO, CEO, organizational development consultant, change manager, or other digital decision maker realizes that user adoption is the key to success, they have an aha moment.

If you’re just learning about the DAP for the first time, make sure you read up on what it is and how it works.

It’s a platform agnostic piece of software, which means it can be applied to any digital system, platform, tool, or app.  

With the DAP, users receive in-app, personalized guidance, in real-time, solving the problem of how to put technology into the hands of users and ensure it’s used to its fullest potential.

If your users are customers, this means they’re more likely to purchase or continue to use your services.

The aha moment for better CX

Customer onboarding and customer care are all transformed with the DAP.

Let’s say you’re a SaaS provider. Your platform is sophisticated. It’s smart. It has all the features your market research says it should.

But however much time and effort you spend on making your user interface easy and intuitive, there will always be a learning curve for customers using it.

Not with the DAP. It dramatically reduces time to competency, which means your customers can get going doing what they need to do immediately using your product.

There’s no training time that needs to be factored in. The DAP provides all potential guidance required when it’s needed in-app.

Let’s say you’ve launched a new website, app, or feature. Instead of your customers calling the support team, their questions are anticipated and answered by the DAP as they’re using your digital tool.

Your aha moment? When you realize the DAP is the secret to better CX.

The aha moment for better employee training

For training managers, HR professionals, CIOs, and team leaders, employee training just gets harder and harder.

Gone are the days where employees attend training “once in a blue moon” and subsequently have the luxury of time and a lengthy learning curve to put it into action afterwards.

Employee training is a constant in today’s digital workplace. Enterprise apps come and go. So do employees. Updates and changes are happening all the time, so the process of employee training must also.

This can cause headaches for multiple stakeholders.

How to execute effective employee training to a global workforce is an issue that has been marginally improved by concepts in e-learning. But webinars and other online training methods are really only a digital version of traditional classroom training.

The problem of the forgetting curve remains.

Not with the DAP. It provides training in real-time, in-app, so there is no forgetting curve. Because employees are learning as they’re doing, retention is sound and productivity is allowed to soar.

Your aha moment? When you realize the DAP is the secret to employee training success.

So don’t miss your chance to experience the eureka effect. All these companies have already had their epiphany. Your competitors may well have too.

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