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How To Improve Employee Productivity With DAP: 4 Transformational Benefits

Improve Employee Productivity With DAP

Today’s enterprises must adopt relevant technologies in order to boost profits.

The main objective of technological implementation is to optimize employees’ daily work using digital tools. Doing so successfully has profound benefits for businesses and its staff:

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“Digital Revolutionaries” – employees who work in fully-enabled digital workplaces where new technologies are in widespread use – are 51% more likely to have strong job satisfaction.

They’re also 43% more likely to be positive about their work-life balance and 56% more likely to identify as motivated at work.

However, there is a disconnect between simply having technology at work and being able to use it properly. Your workforce must be taken through a user-focused adoption program to ensure digital tools are being used as they should be.

Failing to do so can mean a decline in employee productivity, not to mention poor ROI on technology investments.

Digitally-forward enterprises are now finding they can overcome these challenges and boost employee productivity with DAP (Digital Adoption Platform).

How to improve employee productivity with DAP: 4 benefits

1. DAPs streamline the introduction of technology to your workers

When introducing new technologies, employees need to be taught how to use them.

Most of the time, this involves spending considerable time and money on traditional training methods. There’s content production, the cost of the trainer, time spent in training sessions, which employees would ordinarily spend performing the duties of their role.

Results are not as good as they could be. Employee productivity with DAP, on the other hand, skyrockets — because all the training is provided actually within the new technology itself.

The DAP’s training is actually more effective than traditional classroom methods.

  • It’s contextualized and personalized
  • Employees learn while doing in real-time

The DAP doesn’t just provide guidance. It also performs certain tasks for employees, so they can be more productive with their time.

The DAP seamlessly introduces new technology into employees’ daily work. It rapidly accelerates time to competency using it, saving learning time for staff and training costs for you.

2. The DAP counters employee frustration

Changes in the workplace bring confusion and frustration to the workforce. The insane pace of technological innovation means employees are constantly grappling with updates, new features and systems.

According to research done by Unisys Corporation, workers at “technology laggard” organisations are more than 500% more likely to be frustrated. Not only that, but they’re 600% more likely to consider quitting.

All this impacts productivity.

In fact, 35% of workers complain that outdated technologies prevent them from using their skills fully.

The DAP is a fantastic solution for enterprises that are finally realizing they need to update their technology. Organizations needn’t worry that employees will struggle to transition to new platforms. The DAP ensures that all employees are rapid adopters.

3. The DAP accelerates employee onboarding

Research suggests that employees get around 90 days to prove themselves in a new job. The faster new hires feel welcome and equipped to perform the duties of their role, the faster they will be able to successfully contribute to the firm’s mission.

One of the first things new hires face after shaking hands with co-workers is learning how to use their digital tools. With enterprises using more software and applications than ever before, this can be a daunting task.

However, improving new employee productivity with DAP is easy. The DAP acts as a personal guide and assistant to new hires, walking them through the features and tools of the digital system as they’re using it.

This provides a huge confidence and morale boost to new hires in their vulnerable first few days on the job. It allows them to self-service and be self-sufficient, which eases the transition into their role and minimizes the need for supervision.

All this reduces the “acclimatization” period and allows new hires to become productive members of the team right away.

In addition, since the majority of today’s workforce is made up of millennials, the DAP is an appealing and familiar way to be introduced to a new organization. These younger generations are used to consuming information digitally.

4. The DAP minimizes risk of human error

We all mistakes. No matter how skilled you are, you’re still human. According to a study, the typical human error rate within businesses using common work practices is between 10 and 30 mistakes per hundred opportunities.

You can decrease the frequency of such mistakes and boost employee productivity with DAP.

The DAP is a form of RPA — robotic process automation. It learns from user behavior how to perform certain tasks, so it can automatically complete them on their behalf.

With the DAP taking care of time-consuming, mundane tasks, employees can focus on being more productive with their time.

In these four ways, it’s possible to drastically improve employee productivity with DAP. In this competitive digital age, it’s a potentially business-saving solution.

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