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Digital Adoption Success Stories: How You Can Be The Next One

digital adoption Success Stories

There is a definite difference between companies who use a DAP and those who do not.

Which one are you?

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Those that use it have better returns on their technology investments. They’re also more innovative.

Those that don’t are lagging behind in the digital revolution. Soon, you may not even remember their brand.

In this article, we’re going to focus on a couple of real digital adoption success stories and what they have in common, which is using the DAP.

2 digital adoption success stories to make you want a DAP

Microsoft Bing Ads

Bing’s ad platform had issues to address before they could continue to grow their customer base. Their problems involved solving customer pain points to make the platform user experience more intuitive.

Nobody wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to use the product or service they’ve just purchased, and Bing Ads is no exception. Their goal was to reduce the volume of calls to their support center from confused customers needing user support.

Bing Ads wanted to further enhance the platform experience by notifying customers of important features. But their greatest challenge was onboarding advertisers successfully in the quickest time possible.

You might ask, well, why didn’t Bing just build the user experience features themselves? After all, they are a tech company.

Haily De La Cruz, Program Manager, had this to say:

“[Building it ourselves] would have required us diverting our time away from building Bing Ads features that customers have been asking for. We had a vision of how we wanted to improve the customer experience, and WalkMe already had the tools we needed. We are now able to quickly make changes in guided tours without having to build new tools or work around development cycles.”

Bing turned to the DAP to help them reach their important objectives and, as a result, Bing Ads has become one of the DAP’s best digital adoption success stories.

The DAP gave Bing intuitively-placed contextual support and guidance at strategic entry points within the platform. These helped advertisers to go through complex processes to completion.

The DAP also pointed out useful features to advertisers so customers always knew what Bing had to offer them. Finally, the DAP cut customer support calls by 13% so customers were able to use the platform independently.

Lisa Osse, Technical Writer at Microsoft, is a huge fan of the DAP:

“The platform is easy to learn and intuitive. We are able to get valuable customer usage insights quickly. We love the ability for our writing team to iterate quickly on these tours without having to affect our software engineering teams.”

Fairfield Residential

Fairfield Residential faced a couple of major HR issues as a result of dramatic growth. The company extended into 250 US locations in a short space of time but had 12 antiquated HR systems that needed to be replaced with one universal system: Workday.

Another problem was how to cut down on the time the HR department would spend answering employees’ how-to questions.

The DAP successfully turned the resolution of these issues into goals, which were achieved within a year.

Fairfield created smart Walk-Thrus using the DAP so that employees received step-by-step self-service guidance using the new HR system. These help messages would pop up in the system whenever an employee appeared to be struggling with the platform.

The DAP anticipated employees’ needs using machine learning, also offering Smart Tips throughout the process for users of the platform.

These Smart Tips increased employee confidence using the new system, empowering them to solve their own problems rather than calling HR for help. Support tickets were cut down one, saving over 1000 man hours.

“Having real-time, in-system assistance so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find out how to do something, that’s the biggest benefit—especially with staff that works on the weekends.”

Kim Knight, SVP Human Resources

Kim Knight at Fairfield realized that employees needed to be encouraged to use the new HR system and the DAP was the way to do this. So, the DAP encouraged Fairfield workers via their inbox, which is where they spend most of their time.

The DAP allowed the company to send permalinks via email to drive the adoption process. Employees could click the permalink and automatically initiate a Smart Walk Thru, seamlessly bringing employees into the HR platform.

“And even when we do get a call with ‘How do I do this?’ We can just direct them to launch a Smart Walk-Thru. That short interaction replaces a 10-minute phone call with a payroll specialist.”

Over the course of one year, Kim’s team has saved $27,000 in administrative time thanks to Smart Walk-Thrus.

Because of the DAP, Fairfield has become another success story. Do you want your enterprise to be featured as one of our future digital adoption success stories? Then you know what to do.


In this article, we looked at a couple of digital adoption success stories, both of which involved use of the DAP. If your organization has digital challenges that need to be addressed, you’d be smart to consider the DAP as the solution to help you reach your desired goals.

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